who off you draws?? P.S:i didnt have any draws on my computer lol

Picture of drawing?
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LoneWolf7 years ago
I draw :) In fact I just started a group called PWMMOP (PeopleWhoMakeMarksOnPaper) for those who like drawing.
Wow, you obviously have a real talent! Did you use a book for instructions, use the graphing method, or free hand?
Thanks =D The pictures you see there are done free-hand. Though I did have a guide that I printed out for reference. I got some more recent drawings that (when I get around to scanning them) I'll post. Do you draw?
O yes! I will post some of them when I can scan them. Mostly I do wild west themes, but also a lot of fashion illistration. Sounds goofy, doesnt it? Love to enter contests and art shows with the local art guild!
That sounds cool!! What do you use to draw them? (pencil, paint, charcoal etc.)
I do, and paint, and sculpt. www.smithartwork.com
connor wedding updated 003.JPGIMG_1844.JPG
This is really good! I can draw and throw on the wheel as well as hand build, but i have not learned to paint or sculpt
I hope this is what you do for a living.
Too good for just a hobby. :)
Here's a little taste of my stuff (what i could find on my computer at least)
Photo178.jpgscan_71120173935_1.jpgPicture1-1.pngPhoto176.jpgPhoto174.jpgscan_7926211416_1.jpgscan_792621166_1.jpgPicture 15.png
These are very depressing and disturbing...
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