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whos your favorite naruto character (s)?

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akon554 years ago
oh oh I like shikamaru and Tsunade, and Jaraiya, and naruto, and Gaara, and KAKASHI!!!, and the fox, and Madara Uciha,
emma98904 years ago
Naruto is my favorite character>>>>
1.naruto 2.sasuke 3.kakashi 4.obito
Why does everyone like jiraiya? 1 Gaara ( who needs a reason to like gaara) 2 Hinata (I am like her most of the time) 3 Naruto (sometimes I am like him) 4 Rock Lee, 5 Haku 6 Sakura ( feel like her a lot) 7 Shikamaru 8 Menma 9 Sasuke 10 choiji 11 neji Jiraiya 2nd from the bottom.
1. sasuke 2.naruto 3.kakashi 4. minato 5. itachi
tebi128 years ago
kakashi rules
Mplinnc tebi126 years ago
Camisado8 years ago
And, I hate: Tsunade Karin Kisame Kidomaru Nidan Jyuin Kidomaru And most of All: DEATH TO HIDAN!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

that reminds me of charley! grab on to our toungs!!!

AnIIme7 years ago
1.Skikamaru nara 2.Kakashi hatake 3.Kurenai yuhi 4.Kiba inuzuku and Akamaru 5.Sai 7.Iruka umino 8.the nine tailed fox !!!!!NARUTO ROCKS!!!!!
Nawaki7 years ago
In order: 1.Jiraiya (Ero Sennin) 2.Naruto 3.Kakashi
Berkin7 years ago
tobi-kun7 years ago
hmmmmmm well i have to think ... TOBI !!!!!! even though tobi has been proven to be Madara Uchiha ( for you noobs to naruto the starter of the akatsuki) i still think it is Obito , although dont saying im not a naruto fan cuz', well just dont kay! Any ways that is just a funny denial like opinion..
mine would deffinatly be naruto, kakashi, gara, and then itachi
naruto 777 (author) 8 years ago
i like nauto and shickamaru because i am kinda like both
naruto 777 (author)  naruto 7778 years ago
hey is anybody there
Mine is Kisame. Kisame all the way!
naruto and shika im kinda both to weird
In no particular order (Except for the first one): KAKASHI Naruto Yondaime
naruto 777 (author)  RachelisBored957 years ago
kakashi is cool My new list! 1.tie between naruto and shikamaru 2.hinata 3.neji 4.kakashi 5.kisamai (is that how you spell it? oh well if you dont know who im talking about, its the shark guy)
Kisame :P
naruto 777 (author)  RachelisBored957 years ago
kisame,kisamai, whats the difference(once youve been aroud me for a while you will realize i dont care about spelling)
Well, -goes on to talk about the importance of proper spelling for 5hrs- Nah, I really don't care. Go ahead and spell however you want. :P
Yo Naruto, can you check out my paper kunai instructable and tell me what you think about it? I need some feedback, considering it is my first instructable.
naruto 777 (author)  RachelisBored957 years ago
well i just looked at it, go read the comment i left.
Doctor What7 years ago
Gaara takes second.
itachirox7 years ago
in order: Itachi madara pein kakashi killer bee gaara sasuke hinata
In order: Gaara!!!!! Neji Jiraiya Shikamaru Itachi Kakashi Naruto kankurro
my new favs: Jiraiya-sama gaara kakashi sakon shikamaru orochi kankuro
naruto 777 (author)  gaara_rox_forever8 years ago
nice i like all of them but itachi
Camisado8 years ago
(In order ): Kimimaro ( Hmmmm.... Sexy... ) Tayuya ( HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!! ) Sakon Yamata No Orochi ( Orochimaru's eight headed snake, used by sasuke when killing Itachi ) Nidan Jyuin ( CS2 ) Kimimaro Konan ( Hottie!!! ) Pein Minato Namikaze Kushina ( SO HOTTTTT!!!!!)
naruto 777 (author)  Camisado8 years ago
lol the last one you hate lol
tebi128 years ago
kakashi kick *ss
summit8 years ago
Hmmm Gaara, Naruto, Minato, Jiraira in no particular order.
Keith-Kid8 years ago
OBVIOUSLY its Minato Namikaze!!!!!! If you don't know who that is, then you ain't naruto fans!!!!
naruto 777 (author)  Keith-Kid8 years ago
i looked him up on google and it said he was like narutos dad or something and he hasnt come up in the american episodes yet
naruto 777 (author)  naruto 7778 years ago
and it also said he was the fourth hokagae
yes, hes the fourth hokage!!! ..and you call yourself a naruto fan.. Shame on you man!!!!!
naruto 777 (author)  Keith-Kid8 years ago
hey hey hey a little harsh there and come on the american ones are about 3years behind and i havent gotten the japinese episodes form my neighbor because he hasnt got his new computer
i'm sorry..... It's just that....the fourth is the most awesome of awesome!!!!!!!!
naruto 777 (author)  Keith-Kid8 years ago
i guess but he looks just like naruto is he like his dad or something?
*sniff*.....yes.....yes he is.....let's not talk bout this no more......
naruto 777 (author)  Keith-Kid8 years ago
i know why, because he died
Keith-Kid8 years ago
oh oh I like shikamaru and Tsunade, and Jaraiya, and naruto, and Gaara, and KAKASHI!!!, and the fox, and Madara Uciha, and Rock lee, and NOT NEJI, and the fourth hokage, and sakura, and NOT GUY SENSEI, and sasuke and Sai, and The Ramen Guy, and Itachi, and Zetsu, and Kissame ( don't kiss me!) andand..and........I guess those are all I like
but i also like shikamaru(sp?) and Neji too
naruto 777 (author)  gaara_rox_forever8 years ago
i like most of shickamaru jutsu but garra is cool too and i also like neji heres my list. 1.naruto (i am like him most of the time) 2.shikamaru (somedays im like him) 3.neji 4.garra (sand coffin yay ;))
mine is Gaara of course