(game) You're banned!

So the object of this game is to ban the person above you for a random reason. I saw this on another forum I was on and thought it would be fun!

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pyroten8 years ago
Your all banned cause i was first to rate. MWAHAHAHAH

  • i win
You're banned because I rated higher.
your banned cuz i rated 5 =/
You're banned cuz i rated 5 too, and when there was only one rating (presumably yours) it said 3-point-something
Ahhh. well your banned cause the rating system is weird... I think it's there to stop people just making another account and rating their i'bles 5* so to get to close to 5 (i don't think it's possible) you need lots of high ratings.
CapnTac pyroten8 years ago
You're banned for calling the rating system weird!
pyroten CapnTac8 years ago
dayum.. :) well your banned for ringing into this delightful and entertaining banned conversation!
Cthulu8 years ago
I ban you all for being fleshy meatbags.
CapnTac Cthulu8 years ago
You're banned for calling everyone fleshy meatbags!
B-mag8 years ago
Everyone is banned cos I said so
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