cheap evil ways manufactures scam you

manufactures scam you all the time from smaller jars to plastic bolts please post some that you have found and post it here! if you find a solution do that too

Picture of cheap evil ways manufactures scam you
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lemonie6 years ago

Which manufacturer scammed you with the cat, and what's defective in it?

BIGHAIRYDUDE (author)  lemonie6 years ago
well well your a little jokester aren't you? there is nothing wrong with my cat which isn't manufactured and my cat is awesome
well, to rant on your parade, a picture of a cat with nothing related to the topic at hand is an example of bait and switch. It is a common tactic to get your attention and then sell you something completely different.
Kiteman6 years ago
When my lawnmower died, I decided to go "green" and get a push mower - no power usage, keep me fit, win-win.

It worked fine for one season, then the gears wouldn't catch properly when I got it out this year. I figured something had seized over a winter in the shed, and just needed freeing and oiling. After a long struggle with non-standard screws and what-not (I didn't want to damage them), I got inside and found that the main ratchet gear that transfers the power from the wheels to the blade was almost completely worn away - although the linkages to it were steel, the gear itself was only ABS!

Irreparable, no point in replacing it (cheaper to buy a new lawnmower!), I ended up going back to electric.
BIGHAIRYDUDE (author) 6 years ago
also on weed whackers they use metal coated plastic in the bolts on new weedwhackers just so you know and the only solution is to put some steel bolts in if you want
BIGHAIRYDUDE (author) 6 years ago
weed whackers: they don't put air filters in weed whackers any more so the engine brakes down and you have to buy another the solution is to buy some foam and put it in the air box