im tired

tell me if anyone else feels like this I AM TIRED OF ALL THE 1 VIDEO INSTRUCTABLES man it makes me pissed off when all i see is a video yes i know it is easier but i quote "There is no rush to publish an instructable so do your best." -ewillhelm (i think) you know it might be easier to make a video but if your going to make a video please take 5 seconds to take some pictures maybe put something else in like words because for those fast readers who dont want to watching something they could read faster than a movie 1 pyro-

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Aeshir10 years ago
I live outside of town and I can't ge tanything faster than dial-up. It's impossible to watch videos.
girrrrrrr2 Aeshir10 years ago
try hughes net...i use that...its no cox but its not as bad as dialup...
lemonie Aeshir10 years ago
FYI the Windows-Key Instructable video is not one to worry about missing. If you press that key it'll do something, if you press with e.g. D F M and anything else you feel like trying you'll find out. L
lemonie10 years ago
Was it this one that prompted the post?

ich bin ein pyro (author)  lemonie10 years ago
ya that was the one how did you know?
ich bin ein pyro, man, I edited the instructable according to your comments and added a secondary step where I have put a list with all the WinKey combinations shown in the video.

I wasn't deaf nor blind after you commented that with just 1(one) video and one step, it isn't really a true instructable.
So, I don't think it was really so difficult for you to oversee that a new step has been added to the instructable.

What should I have posted also? Screenshots? Sorry, but only using screenshots I cannot describe what the, let's say "Winkey+D" combination (Show Desktop) or "WinKey+M" does.
That's why I made this video in the first place.

Relax, it's my first instructable, only after you comments I realized that I've made a mistake and edited the instructable. What can I do, beginner's bad luck...
My next intructables will follow the unwritten rules of the community, won't make the same mistake again.
ich bin ein pyro (author)  bluesman10 years ago
i should have admitted in my last comment that its not only yuors but others that i cant name also for screenshots do a picture of the keyboard then do the text boxes over the keys
LasVegas lemonie10 years ago
That Instructable, even in its current form, does not merit an Instructable. It should have been a Forum post.
jessyratfink10 years ago
It is frustrating, especially because I have a spotty connection. I would rather just have pretty pictures and text, and a video to help me if I can't figure it out. :)
LasVegas10 years ago
I agree. It would take very little effort to grab various frames from the video and construct the Instructable. I have no problem with including the video as an added feature of the Instructable, but you can't print out a video.
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