itunes video help.

So heres the deal I have an Imac with Mac OS X version 10.4.10 installed a 800 MHz PowerPC G4 256 MB SDRAM. With itunes 7.1.1 installed. now don't get me wrong I love itunes and I couldn't even dream of moving all 80 + GB of music over to another music managing program, but ever since I installed itunes 7.1.1 Ive not been able to play any of the 40 + tv shows and movies that have been downloaded off the itunes store. :(, when you start the video it starts out really jerky and then it freezes then stops, but the sound doesn't skip at all whats happening ?¿? can this be fixed ?¿?

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LasVegas10 years ago
It sounds like something is running in the background using up your processor time. Open the utility "Activity Monitor" located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder. Then click the title of the 'CPU%' column. This should place whatever program is taking the most CPU time at the top.

If there is a problem activity (task) post it here.

Another thing you might try is to install AppleJack, install it and follow the instructions for cleaning your system.
iman (author)  LasVegas10 years ago
the CPU usage is normal thats what is confusing me. I will try apple jack and tell you if it works.
LasVegas iman10 years ago
Your problem isn't with iTunes, but with Quicktime. Try this.

1) Right-Click (Control-click) one of the problem movies in iTunes, and select, "Show in Finder."

2) Right-Click (Control-click) the movie in Finder, select "Open With... -> Quicktime," and play it there.

3) If the same problem occures, go to and reinstall Quicktime. Launch the new Quicktime and rerun your movie (It will be the first item under "File -> Open Recent." Hopefully, this will have fixed it.

4) If Step 2 worked okay, go to and reinstall iTunes.

I know it's a PIA, but you shouldn't be having this kind of problem unless you're running on a 500MHz or less G3...
sdaw LasVegas8 years ago
for me, it only jerks in itunes, not quicklime. somewhere else it said to disable all the direct x options in quick time, and that made the jerking much less noticeable, but it does not jerk in quick time or a different media player
iman (author)  sdaw8 years ago
iTunes worked for like a week then it stopped playing vids so I will try the direct x fix and tell you if it works thanks ~Matt
LasVegas iman8 years ago
I recommend that you install Flip4Mac and Perian. While DirectX shouldn't be a problem, the above two should handle just about any format of video.

Las Vegas
sdaw LasVegas8 years ago
2 things, i have windows, and i want this on my ipod touch that i am getting a little after Christmas.
LasVegas sdaw8 years ago
The iPod isn't going to run DirectX videos at all. They will need to be converted to M4V (MPEG4) in order to run on an iPod Touch. There are a number of video conversion utilities that should work fine in Windows.
sdaw LasVegas8 years ago
they are mostly mp4, but some are mv4. both should work on the ipod
LasVegas sdaw8 years ago
Yes. MP4 video and M4V are actually the same thing. MP4 can also be used for audio only.
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