knex aircraft f-22 raptor R.A.F

ok then where shall i start , i have recently started to take an intrest in to model aircraft ,not R.C but knex aircraft my liking at the moment is as you may guess the f-22 lockheed raptor. i am currently working on this and may be posted . but i wondered if anyone would participate in building and posting model aircraft.

Picture of knex aircraft   f-22 raptor  R.A.F
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I was close to building this only casue I wanted to build starscream, but I don't have enough peices right now.
Dude, it must piece consuming, unless you are limited to pieces due to a transformer.
Ralph938 years ago
Please provide me links for aircraft model making.
Vynash10 years ago
please post this
gibbo_gunner2496 (author) 10 years ago
i will gibbos well cool aint he!!!!