metal laptop

Just finished "Idoru" by william gibson.The main character has a laptop with a cast aluminium case made from reclaimed soda canswirh semi precious stones as switches and buttons and reclaimed ivory keys. I suppuse its possible to do, but difficult... but wouldnt it be deadly? Anyone ever tried that?

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FrenchCrawler10 years ago
How would it be deadly (other then the casting of metal)?
I think "deadly" is a good thing. Like "wicked" and "sick" seem to be these days.
Kiteman Kiteman10 years ago
(Good grief, I sound old, don't I? Oi! Don't you dare click reply to agree with me!)
You defin- I mean, not at all! How old are you, anyways? 24?
Weren't the terms originally Cool ;-) then Rad (short for radical), then awsome, then back to cool again...., ok forget I wrote that. ;-)
words of exclimation: ( as cronologically as I know) cool bad rad bodacious awesome tubular (old school, surfer/skater) word cool sweet sick / sickness nice! Cool seems to be the staple exclimation word but they all recirculate...... the up and coming word of exclimation is Swag example: Thats pretty swag man........or.......... I'm feelin' swag today
I think I fell in the awesome generation. Reminds me of Bill and Ted
Hey Socrates!
oh I forgot wicked in there somewhere........ and there are lots of variations .... like ill = sick ...... well actually thats the only one that comes to mind but there are others I'm sure
Yeah, mine was the summary list ;-)
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