my new shot gun with hammer

my new shot gun has double barrel and a hammer tell me what you think

Picture of my new shot gun with hammer
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I made something a lot like this a few weeks ago but it was simi auto.
I'm working on one of them at the moment... it uses oodammo. Got any pics??
knex mad (author)  agent harmsy8 years ago
is that to me or killer safe caraker n if to me do you mean the mech
Killer safe cracker, hence it was a reply to his comment.
DJ Radio8 years ago
interesting design.
knex mad (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
thanks i think
break action would be cool on this but whats it range
knex mad (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak8 years ago
yes i did do it but it was really weak and i think this is better and the range is about 20 feet +
ok cool