new idea for flagging comments

the current method of flagging will still happen, but i just wanted to add to it. i think the author should be able to remove comments from their ibles and topics if somebody else flags the comment first. if the author flags the comment, then its up to the staff

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NachoMahma9 years ago
. I see waaaayyyy too much potential for abuse. What would prevent me from getting my buddy to flag all the comments I disagree with (even if they are valuable to the community) and then wiping them all out? Or using a second acct to flag them myself? . You might not do something like that, but there are many who would. . . I believe it was killerjackalope that came up with the idea of having a group of "superusers" and if 2-3 of the ppl in the group flagged something, it would be removed from display until reviewed by staff. The best idea I've heard, so far.
Thats a good idea, so essentailly, us 'heavy' users. It could be done automactically depending on how many comments, member length, instrutables etc. I agree with radio though, if we all had the power just to police our own instructables. Theres no way people would/could abuse that. Most people want to have lots of comments, and therefore will only delete negative ones - This is the one feature that my gf (rainbow_han) said she would have liked with the recent problems.
Kiteman gmjhowe9 years ago
True, but there's negative and there's constructively negative.

I have made negative comments about projects, along with constructive suggestions to improve things. The poster has only seen the criticism, and been really upset and/or angry about it. There are also the times when a project is plagiarised or spam.

Those are the situations where abuse will occur.
gmjhowe Kiteman9 years ago
Well the way i see it, if a member can't take my constructive criticism, and delete my comment, then its their loss. Thank fully, most people take onboard constructive comments. Either way, control over the comment placed one ones topic or instructable would be a great added feature. Just like on the orangeboard.
> its their loss . But if it's a good comment, we all lose. What if your comment was warning me that if I missed a certain step it would blow up in my face and ImABozo deletes it just because he thinks you're a jerk? (Is that melodramatic enough for ya? heehee) . . There is no perfect solution to the problem. :(
I agree there is no perfect solution, but i feel that this would be a better solution, and i would expect the management to pick up on exploding -ibles.
DJ Radio (author)  gmjhowe9 years ago
I'm not heavy, but I am an "often" user...
I'd be willing to be a part of a group of "Superlosers". I'm definitely qualified. Oh, wait.."Superusers?"... I....nevermind.
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