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If you like to stick out (Brianna) of the crowed you may not have an ipod or other mp3 player you may have records. wait a min you can't buy record players anymore but you can make one out of LEGOS! just watch the video! and its deffintaly not me! although i kinda look like the emo guy there LOL

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That's funny. I was just reading about how vinyl is making a comeback.

It won't be huge, but the fact that amazon.com has a new vinyl section is awesome.

Yes, I am one of those people who believe vinyl sounds better than CDs. Because it's true.
Analog sounds will always be 'more complete' since digitizing a waveform (sound) removes "bits" from it. Digital it getting fairly good though.
. I keep hearing that analog is better than digital, but I can't hear it. I have 2000+ LPs sitting in storage because I think my CDs sound better. But, everyone's ears are different. . And a CD will sound soooooo much better than a LP on the 100th play, no matter what kind of ears you have. I've never had to replace a CD because it was worn out.
sugg22 NachoMahma10 years ago
if their in storage, how abut sending them my way? (just kidding)
Well, there are many things that can go wrong with analog as well, but personally I have liked the sound of analog so much better. It's warmer and just feels more complete. I really wish that wasn't the case since it means that I'm constantly unsatisfied with digital and especially the way that the audio is mixed for CDs. I still listen to MP3s a fair amount as well, but the experience is like hearing about a song that's really cool while never getting the chance to really listen to it.
> personally I have liked the sound of analog
(my emphasis)
. That hit the nail on the head. I'm an audio nut (not an audiophile) and am frequently asked for advice. My answer is always "Whatever sounds best to YOU"
Yep, those that prefer "tube" sound over "transistors" feel the same way :-)
i prefer tube over transistor. so i guess that would be me... but of course like nacho says, its all personal preference. oh and for the thread starter, you can still buy players for them. i actually saw one at target the other day.
This is true. I have a weird hearing sense, whereas I hear upper ranges better then bass. So, the trills and higher notes (even in the range of the starting of a HV power supply on a TV set) I hear better, and they sound, to me, to be "all there" as opposed to digital. Then again, I may just be prejudiced against digitization too :-)
The blond guy look funny ...... =o)

About the song, I think it's "Iron-Man", Black Sabbath. =o)

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