"featured" banner obscures the thumbnail image

That banner that says "featured" might as well say "obscured!". Those little thumbnails are hard enough to see already. When you put the featured banner over it it cuts it off and hides a major portion of the image. Howabout putting golden radiance around the image, or angels with garlands, or something good? You guys are already covering the screen with a parchesi-monopoly worth of stuff, why do you need to deface my nice thumbnails? You own the screen all around my tiny thumbnail. Put your signage there where it increase the contextual information value of the screen instead of overwriting that image which is supposed to be worth a thousand words. By that calculus, that word "featured" is a net loss of 200 or so words. That featured banner sucks pixels!

Picture of "featured" banner obscures the thumbnail image
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What did he actually say?
Keith-Kid8 years ago
I secondify this claim!
I thirdify it!
DJ Radio8 years ago
maybe they should make a smaller banner and put it on the bottom of the thumbnail.
or stop jpeg'ing everything !
I'm not going to png
now we are in bandwidth crysis and jpeging stuff is a good way to cut down use but png gives higher image quality (allthough higher size in photos) so images are more clear
noahw8 years ago
We hear you TimAnderson. I've been pushing for some larger project icons around the site too, which would also help this problem. Suggestion digested.
Flumpkins noahw8 years ago
digested? LOL!!!