type of knex gun.

do you like semi-auto,full-auto slide-action single-shot or pump action. below is a single shot.

Picture of type of knex gun.
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Wafflicious9 years ago
i like single shot but only because they usualy have more power!
kirdaiht10 years ago
i like a shotgun, 10 pices of knex, in one single shot. doesn't have to be auto/semi/pumpaction but whould be good i build one to, should i post it
adamsdead10 years ago
Pump action or Full/semi auto (for full only if theres a trigger)
nerfer19210 years ago
semi auto slide
oodalumps10 years ago
Why didn't you just spell it right if you knew there was an error? "Single". Anyways, I like pump-action (you forgot to list that one), and semi-auto.
killerk210 years ago
full auto, duh