valentines day gift for my girl

hey,im a kid(11 years old) and i need help getting a good but cheap gift for my gal.valentines day is important to me,and it is to her also.i was thinkin bout gettin a teddybear for her.please give me ideas!

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arpoky6 years ago
Holy crap... Kids these days are getting into relationships at increasingly younger ages. Obviously I am 3 years too late, but I am going to put this post in that time period. There are a few things you must think about before this happens:
1st: Are you exactly sure that you love this girl? Make sure that this is not a "I'm-in-a-Relationship-Just-to-be-in-a-Relationship/Look-Cool" Relationship!
2nd: If you're going to by her something edible, be sure that you know if she has any food allergies. The same goes with plants!
3rd: If you are going to buy food, stick with the Chocolate! I have a saying, "Diamonds really aren't a girl's best friend--it's actually Chocolate that's a girl's best friend--Diamonds are just a close second!". Don't spend all you money to buy her a huge box of Russel Stover's or Ghiradelli, at my local Wal-Mart, I found a box of "Hershey's Pot-of-Gold" for $5.
4th: Girls tend to not like stuffed animals (at least in my area). Stuffed animals tend to just sit in her closet, and stay there. It's best to go with the Chocolate!

So pretty much, don't go overboard. Be modest, buying the most expensive thing possible might make you look like you have a creepy obsession with her.

Good Luck!
This is kinda late, but if you really like her, kiss her!
Labot20019 years ago
You can make a V-day card like Muffinator did in this instructable.

Good luck! :]
maggiesmom9 years ago
You could craft a little love notebook using these <a href="">writing prompts</a>. Handmade, fun, meaningful.

Or you could just personalize the <a href="">Love Book</a> Kit.
LiaLinda9 years ago
Make her stuff. Here's some ideas (click on the CAPS to see pics that show something similar to what I'm talking about):


A heart-shaped wreath (cut it out of Bristol board)...

and wrap WITH A FEATHER BOA ...




A PENCIL TOPPER. Maybe sandwich construction paper hearts onto the end of a bendy pipe cleaner, and decorate the hearts - use glue & glitter to put your name on one side and her name on the other, so she can think about you and her when she spins the pencil.


Cut some heart-shaped centers out of some construction paper or Bristol board hearts, and leave some whole without cutting the middle away. Sandwich some tissue paper in the middle of the ones with cut-out centers. Punch a hole in the top, attach different lengths of string, and tie a whole bunch onto a stick (so she can hang it in front of her window) or onto a hanger (so she can hang the mobile from the lamp up on the ceiling). It'll look SOMETHING LIKE THIS, but yours will be better because some will have stained glass centers. Decorate the ones that aren't stained glass with words, glitter, etc.


Use cookie cutters to cut bread into heart shapes, and make her some sandwiches


Glue a photo of you & her together onto a piece of Bristol board that is glued to a piece of craft foam. Cut it out into the shape of a heart, then cut the heart-shape into puzzle pieces.


Make a giant valentines day card using dollar store stuff. Just fold a giant Bristol board in half (make sure it's either really light or really dark coloured) and then decorate it with tons and tons of different sized construction paper hearts of many different colours.

Write stuff on the card with crayons, markers, paint, or use the glue & glitter technique.

You could glue a big bow in the top corner.

You can also add chunky stuff to the front cover, like rhinestones and beads, and add squish-able stuff inside, like ribbons and stickers.

You could punch holes in the shape of a word or heart, and then weave some ribbon in and out through the holes (don't put the holes to close together or you'll end up with a cut-out), like the picture of THIS CHRISTMAS STOCKING


You could make a pop-up in the middle

And you could make a pocket on the inside so she can use it to store her Valentines day cards for this year, or she can use the pocket to keep memories of the stuff that you do together, like movie ticket stubs and stuff.


She probably has lots of stuffed animals from when she was a kid ;-) and a CD would just get scratched. If you make something, years from now she can look at it & smile, thinking of how sweet you were to make it for her (be sure to put your first & last name on the back, as well as your age.

Good luck kiddo.

Here's the idea. Don't buy something. Make something.
Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha your 11 man, you don't have a girlfriend.... go spend your money on 5 cent candies at the corner store....... maybe save up for a new CD or something. don't you guys still tape paper bags to your desk, and make valentine cards? your 11 right? ....shouldn't you like.....punch her in the arm for valentines?
Goodhart9 years ago
robots1999 years ago
I have 3 choices for you to get your girl....... Make it-----search instructables for a project..........Buy it pricy$$$$$$$--------- I pod zune computer .........Buy it moderate price..... Take her to build-a-bear, Buy her a matel juicebox for $7.00 and get the music cartriges of her favorite artists(My personaly best oppinion) here is a link to the juicebox Link and the music cartrages