what is cooler a paintball gun or a bb gun

What is cooler a paintball gun which hurts like hell and when you freeze them they hurt even worse or a bb gun which if you get shot with that it makes you bleed?

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junits156 years ago
paintballs dont freeze, they have no water in them so they will actually become more brittle when frozen, sorry to burst you fun bubble, you could always shoot monsterballs out of a paintball gun, i saw i video of a guy who fractured his finger when he got hit with one if them
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
None- A bow. Medieval snipers!
wow wer not in the 18th cetury any mor
I'm cooler than both... Umm How about a paintball gun, with the balls filled with petrol or soemthing flammable, a little crystal iodide and bahaha... Think exploding paintballs...
I now feel the need to do that. There you go again, getting me in trouble with my neighbors and their fussy police.
Umm fill it partly with flour though, I once filled a ping pong ball full of the crystals, I threw it from the top of the sixth form building in to the middle of the quad, it made a deafening crack from six stories up, nevermind on the ground... The biology teacher never squealed on me though, she was friendly with me because I went out with her niece...
DJ Radio9 years ago
real gun
bumpus9 years ago
A real gun. :P
Plasmana9 years ago
I would go for the paint ball gun...
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