who likes cheese

i like cheese do u

bbchoke1 month ago

I like cheese, who don't?

Cecilia A1 month ago

I love cheese :-)

starforest2 months ago

I really like cheese!

Mattimann2 months ago

I love mozzarella cheese!

vrao49928 months ago

I like cheese because it is high protein and provides calcium to our bones and very tasty!

scamp31 year ago

I love fresh curds

vanesavis182 years ago
Yeah i like it most in raw form.
YES! Coming from Switzerland I love cheese in any taste and form!
karalalala2 years ago
Cheese is one of my top 5 reasons for being alive. Not even exaggerating here. It's like.. the best. I'm getting emotional thinking about it.
I Love Feta Cheese
asteidl2 years ago
As a Wisconsinite, I love cheese! You name the type of cheese, and 9.9 times outta 10, I'm gonna like it. :)

I may be a high-tech redneck living in Florida, but don't y'all ever forget that I'm a Cheesehead! :D
onrust2 years ago
ANYTHING but Limburger!
Goodhart2 years ago
I love cheeses, and in fact haven't met a cheese I didn't like, although I kind of avoid Limburger cheese unless it is the harder less pugnant kind.
EmilyMeier3 years ago
I love all cheese except blue cheese. His smell just kills.
have you tried Limburger cheese then ? >:-D
lindamoon2 years ago
i hate cheese, seriously
nothing wrong with that. Everyone has their own individual tastes :-)
onlinevicky2 years ago
very like!
schumi232 years ago
I adore cheese!
Especially Conté and Cancouillotte (Second may be misspelled :)
They are from La Franche Conté, a region in France.
brie is delicious, so is crumbly chilli cheese :)
iproberry13 years ago!!!
monsterlego3 years ago
I never met a cheese i didn't like.
ammyrodrics3 years ago
Who don't....
Cheese is AWSOME!
happyjo4 years ago
Cheese! I love it! I like Tillamook, I like goat cheese, I like blue cheese... I <3 cheese!
happyjo happyjo4 years ago
And Ben and Jerry's strawberry CHEESEcake! :P
ryanlaw4 years ago
Just recently had this cheese called caciocavallo or something like that and you add slice tomato, olive oil and basil ...makes an appy. Got recipe from site called Mamma Mia recipes. The cheese is smooth...the best.
angghy324 years ago
i love it..
(YOUR N (author) 4 years ago
Randomguy654 years ago
"Macaroni and cheese is better than just plain cheese. :-D"
     -Quoted from Shadowman39

I Soooo agree with the above comment! =D
wonkywomen4 years ago
I eat cheese ALL the time!

its awesome!!!!!
it is made by cows and cows are cool cuz
this is what they do:
(YOUR N (author)  wonkywomen4 years ago
yep cows r cool arnt va i no lets make a group called cows are cool using dat pic join wen u can!