Picture of 10 HP Hovercraft
I was looking for a project that my Grandson and I could build. together. We decided on a hovercraft after watching a TV special. Knowing absolutely nothing about hovercraft we researched the web on the subject  and found the Universal Hovercraft website to be the best source.
We had an old 10 HP Briggs horizontal shaft electric start engine from an old riding mower that looked like it would fit the bill.  We bought the plans for their UH10F craft. We liked it because it only uses one motor. Most hovercraft use a separate motor for lift and thrust. This one directs approximately 1/3 of the thrust air to provide both lift and inflating the skirt. Most of the materials could be found at the local builders supply.
The only parts we needed to buy from Universal Hovercraft were the Plans, propeller, propeller hub, and the skirt material. Although it busted our $500 budget we decided to purchase their materials kit which included all the epoxy,fiberglass , screws, and glue. The skirt is the heart of this thing and we didn't want to save penny's  on something this critical. It was a fun project for the both of us. It would be a great Father and Son project.
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slow shoes10 days ago

great job, to you and your grandson

buck22172 months ago

Great idea

hussaina12 months ago

dear sir can you please display the list of components used including woods? materials? engine parts? prop materials? either wood or metals? how the duct is taken from the main engine as bleed to inflate the skirt? route? and how air is send under it to make cushion? is skirt is auto deflated when engine is switched off? does it also climb? can override speed brakers? footpaths etc? asif

hussaina12 months ago
JoshD33 months ago
Could I switch out the motor for something bigger?
fortneja4 years ago
I built a UH-10F myself back in high school. I was slowly putting together an instructable for it several years ago, but it was taking too long, so I gave up. I can send you my notes and photos if you want to elaborate on some of the steps.

I originally used the rope and pulley system specified in the plans for steering, but later modified the steering to use bicycle cable, which was much more durable and responsive.


I am trying to build an UH-10f.

it would be of great help if you could give me those notes which you prepared.

yhank you.

please get back to me at adith2050@gmail.com

Dear Fortneja, I just saw your post and wondered if I may take a look at your notes and photos for the UH 10F? I am about to build one and would grately appreciate
Thank you,
Dan Farncombe: Danfarncombe@gmail.com
Very cool! How Much does it weigh?
mickydee (author)  hover_crafter3 years ago
I am not absolutely sure. I would guess about 125 lbs., maybe 150.. The engine and prop are the determining factor. The bulk of the craft is made of very light weight foam and 1/8" plywood. If you go to larger motor with electric start, you could double up on the foam quite easily.
Thats alot
Its awesome
Wow! Intresting
Jackylee7 months ago
Nice . I'm Vietnamese
Please sent me plans , I don't understand under the boat work . Thanks
Jackylee Jackylee7 months ago
Please share me plans thank you !
bdubu8 months ago

Great instructable Roland! Thanks for sharing! BTW, judging from your bio, I suspect you'd be right at home at the wheel of Rudy Heeman's hovercraft (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTM8rcA7c04).

bbfly9 months ago

I have the plans for this hovercraft. Your assembly steps will make it easier for me to put it together. Thank you very much

ninjabatman11 months ago

this is super awsome

mickydeejr11 months ago

this is boss

coolboy1012 years ago
Hi there, I know this instructable is getting quite old now, but I am thinking of building a hovercraft as a school project, and this one seems relatively simple and your guide is really helpful! Unfortunately, being in the UK I cannot get the plans to this hovercraft easily or buy any of the kits, so would like to ask a few questions if that's ok.

1... How large were the pieces of plywood? The hovercraft is 10ft x 5ft and I can only find 8ft x 4ft plywood. Did you have to join more than one piece together? If so how did you do that?

2.... What parts of the hovercraft were actually fiberglassed? Not the whole thing presumably, just the joints?

3.... Is any type of foam acceptable? I have found some 50mm (2") Styrodur which is "extruded rigid polystyrene foam (XPS)" with a compressive strength of 300 Kn/m². Would this be acceptable do you think?

4... How powerful should the engine be? I have found a brand new 13hp engine for a good price. Would this be a good size or will it be overkill or too heavy?

Any help would be much appreciated! I am sure I will find many more questions needing answers, so if you could help that would be great.

Thank you!
SofiaM2 years ago
How big is this hovercraft? 4 by 8, or 5 by 10? Thank you
mickydee (author)  SofiaM2 years ago
The hovercraft is 5 x 10 overall. I bought it at a local builders supply in 4 x 8 sheets.. After it is covered with the 1x4 plywood and fiber glass the joints are all covered. Alternate the joints between the foam and plywood for strength.
SofiaM2 years ago
How big should the sheet of 1" styrofoam be? Thank you!
BoSkarr2 years ago
This is amazing. I plan to start one that want to hald more than one person. This is a great guide, as I can't become a member of universal hovercrafts because I am 14, don't have a job, and I don't have a phone. I have a couple friends who will help and I can't stress it enough how amazing your hovercraft looks.
you should enter the epilog challenge V if you can
shull32 years ago
Congratulations on a successful first build.
This is a great project for Father/Grandfather and Son/Grandson. Universal Hovercraft http://www.hovercraft.com/content/ is a great company for DIY hovercraft projects. I build a UH12T4 with my high school soon back in 2002 -2006. We have had a great time with it and now belong to the http://www.hoverclubofamerica.org/ Hoverclubofamerica. The club has great resources for recreational hovercrafting throughout the USA. Most of the members have either built or operate a homebuilt hovercraft. If you and your Grandson get into this hovering more be sure to check out the HCA. We sponsor over 20 events a year at many locations around the country. http://www.mapquest.com/?version=1.0&hk=7-HQDmHdt9#dd126f889ef3d31a8d5316c6  Here is a map of the locations for the 2013 season. Hope to see you at out hovering this year!

Scott Hull

I was wondering if I could use any type of epoxy or is there a certain type that would work a lot better? What would you recommend.
mickydee (author)  phynicfirebird4 years ago
I always use the cheapest I can find. Tru to use something that is easy to mix, like a 2 to 1 or a 3 to 1 ratio. Any epoxy you can get will work. You will need about a gallon.
Mr. Dee, I'm stoked. I'm in the third world and this is the thing to have.
I can get most parts here
Can you tell me a ratio to increase the size to accommodate 2 people or 180 more pounds
Thank you....i am hoping to build my own from scratch this summer without any kits...the only problem i have is that since i am only 16 and do not currently have a job (wish i did) it is going to be hard to get the money but i am hoping to get a job real soon then start saving for the parts.
council cleanup days is your answer
gear7622 years ago
Your project is pretty sweet! I plan on building a hovercraft for a science fair at my school, but as of yet, no one has any description of how to put on the skirt or what size/how many holes to cut out for a 4ft by 8ft hovercraft. If you could maybe send me a few pictures of the skirt, as well as some basic instructions on how to put the skirt on and cut out the holes, that would be great! Thanks!
Xthinker2 years ago
I cant seem to find the website, can you post a link to it? I'm interested in making one
dirt_hawker2 years ago
How much do you and your grandson weigh? How would you describe the diffrence in weight and perfermance?
vlxwgn4 years ago
Do you have any more information on the skirt installation? Did the skirt you bought come with instructions? Other than that awesome :)
mickydee (author)  vlxwgn4 years ago
Yes the kit come with very good instructions on cutting and installing the skirt
I was lucky, Grandma is a seamstress and added her touches to it. Don't let that stop you
mrtomc mickydee3 years ago
I have a UH-10f that I purchased already built. It was never used. I had to fabricate a rudder stick and add a throttle cable. Both work great. I had it on the lake yesterday and it got 19 mph on the gps. The only trouble i have is that I get water in the skirt inflation hole and I have to drag it up on shore to drain it. There is a slit in the bag in the right rear that i used to drain the water. Should i make some ductwork to raise the intake hole to keep water out?
mickydee (author)  mrtomc3 years ago
I did not have that problem. Your center of gravity may be more to the rear than mine. Adding a riser around the port should fix your problem.
have fun
mickydee (author)  vlxwgn4 years ago
Good idea I don't think they had that one when I bought my plans
Does the skirt inflate when you start it or it stays inflated? Looks like fun!
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