1/2 Bedroom


Introduction: 1/2 Bedroom

Typically a bedroom is contained inside an enclosed box in the privet section of the home. This project inverts the bedroom and stacks its main functions. The resulting configuration allows for a multi-purpose perch that serves as a guest bedroom, reading room, lounge, additional seating, and viewing platform.

Skill: Intermediate

Work Hours: 40

Cost: $300

Essential Tools: circular saw, cordless drill, jig saw, palm sander, hack saw, hammer, vice, drywall trowel
Optional Tools: miter saw, blow torch, table saw, drill press

  (24x) 2x4's x8'
  5/8" Plywood
  (5x) 1/2" Drywall Sheets
  Corner bead
  Drywall mud
  1"x1" x10' angle iron
  Drywall Primer
  (2x) 30" bi-folding doors

  1-1/4" screws
  (6x) 4" lag bolts 
  2-1/2" screws



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    Great build. Do you have any plans to this, though? As a novice DIYer I still need some stuff spelled out, and I'm sure others do too.

    Very creative! We really need to get to Chicago to see this! Can't wait to see everything you have done to the place! You guys are very talented!

    Awesome. Very impressive! Love it. Such talented young men! Congrats, well done!

    Great use of space! How do the shelves work for a ladder? Are they pretty strong?

    1 reply

    Thanks! The shelf supports are very strong and each rung can comfortable hold three people's weight.

    Spectacular Design, good craft, and easy to follow, Well done.

    this would make a really cool instructable