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Introduction: 2 Ingredient Play Clay

Occupied Kids = Sane Mommy!!!

I like to think of this as 'rescue clay', simply because there are days at my house (despite my kids having tons of options of things to play with) that they seem to have absolutely nothing to do...except fight with each other. I get out two simple ingredients and put the kids to work mixing, stirring and kneading.

This 'clay' keeps them occupied for at least one hour of the day and they really love it!

Step 1: Play Clay Recipe

I call this 'clay', however, it isn't clay in the sense that you can sculpt it and let it harden. It is more of a two-or-three-time-use clay that can keep your kids occupied and having fun.

How to Make Play Clay

1 cup cornstarch

1/2 cup conditioner (yep, run to your shower and grab the conditioner!)

In a small mixing bowl combine half of the cornstarch and all of the conditioner. Mix until combined. Add the remaining cornstarch and stir. When it starts to stiffen up you can remove it from the bowl and knead it.

That's it! You are ready to play! Squeeze, smash, cut, poke and have fun!

Store in a resealable plastic bag or an airtight container.

***Some conditioners will take more or less cornstarch depending on water content. If you find the clay to be too sticky add more cornstarch or conditioner one teaspoon at a time.



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    it doesnt dry out i left it out for 1 hour any its nice to fiddle with

    cool ible

    with this would I be able to put food colouring and glitter?

    I really need to give this a try. thank you.

    Do you need to use all of the conditioner in the bottle, or do you just need to use what is left of the bottle if it's not full?

    the pic showed 1/2 cup of conditioner and a cup of cornstarch

    How well does it maintain the shape? And does it dry out?

    It will eventually dry out. You can add more conditioner if that happens. I usually let the kids play with it two or three different times and then throw it out. It is very, very soft when it is first made and then it does get more solid and can hold some shape after 20 minutes or so. I hope this helps!

    It did, thank you. I was looking for cheaper options for making moulds to cast carbon fibre in, I'll give this a try see how it goes :)

    I was thinking of using this for moulds as well.

    does it harden eventually?