After the success of my first instructable, a fully functional LEGO 3D printer, I was planning to make some improvements.
At first I was planning to replace the Z-axis threaded rods by cnc lead screws. This should result in a smoother z axis motion. With an improved accuracy of the prints in the height.
A next step would be an improvement in the X-axis. To allow more weight on top of the carrier. I was going to modify the Extruder-carrier from standing to lying. Additionally this also would have made room for a second extruder.

All this, until a colleague pointed me to the Remix Contest. Along with the question whether my printer could print chocolate. This resulted in a second version of the "3D chocolate printer made from LEGO" made by Saul (April 2005). He ends his instructable with: hopefully someone will rebuild this and simplify it.

It's 2015, and thus the original instructable is over 10 years old, still gets replies, but nobody made such a printer. Since I already made a LEGO 3D printer, all I had to do was build a chocolate extruder :)

Unfortunately, printing chocolate isn't easy.
But it can be done. And basically there are two ways to print chocolate (at home):

  1. Use a worm screw. And press melted chocolate out a nozzle. This requires pre-melted chocolate or a heating system.
  2. Use pre-melted chocolate in a syringe.

Without a heating system, the chocolate will solidify sooner with a worm screw. The chocolate will also be in touch with more LEGO. Also this requires the extruder to be disassembled and cleaned after each print.
That's why I've chosen the second option. This version is also the easiest to make with LEGO. In addition, the chocolate remains edible. And that's what it's all about.

Step 1: 3D Printer Made From LEGO

The best way to gain knowledge of a 3D printer, is to build one. Building this LEGO 3D printer taught me alot about all aspects of 3D printing. Even making mistakes was part of the learning. The advantage of LEGO is that it's easy to change parts of the design.

I can therefore recommend, for anyone interested in 3D printing or robotics, to experiment with LEGO, Arduino and Nema Steppers.

Congrats on being the finalist. I don't know much about electronics but i am impressed by the idea of using Lego for 3-d printer
<p>Amazing. Lego should add this to their inventory. I think it's cooler than trucks and cranes.</p>
<p>To apply for a &quot;lego idea&quot; (https://ideas.lego.com/), the object needs to be 100% LEGO. I would like to build a 3D printer with LEGO EV3 motors. May be one day, with a 3Doodler (old kickstarter project). But I don't have the budget, at the moment, to buy some Mindstorms boxes.</p><p>And there currently is enough to build, expanding this printer...</p>
<p>hey, btw, 3D systems makes chocolate printers, and they layer actual 3d structures:)</p>
<p><a href="http://3dprint.com/35081/culinary-printing-3d-systems/" rel="nofollow">http://3dprint.com/35081/culinary-printing-3d-systems/</a></p><p>this is the link.......... </p>
<p>Now I can *finally* make that 3D-printed chocolate Companion Cube that I've dreamed of for so many years!!</p>
<p>Cool project! (Again!!!)</p><p>You've got my vote for the contest!</p>
<p>Thanks for supporting my project.</p>
<p>Awesome project ! </p><p>A little advice , You can try to use cream as a 3Dprinter material.</p>
<p>I've made some prints with &quot;Chocolate Sandwich Spread&quot;. Unfortunately, this remains soft. The challenge in this project is to print with real chocolate.</p><p><a href="https://youtu.be/vGXTmixR3js" rel="nofollow">https://youtu.be/vGXTmixR3js</a></p>
<p>wow! totally blows my icing printer out of the water!</p>
<p>A printer like a resin 3d Printer, only using a bath of liquid nitrogen. Just to make ice cream...</p>
fantastic! I would love to build a 3d printer myself once but I can't figure out where to start.<br><br>so printing an easter bunny is put if the question (for now)?
<p>I've ordered some peltier elements. Hope they arrive before easter.</p><p>Meanwhile I'm working on a prototype of the dremel version. Although, I still have a good idea for a raspberry pi.</p>
<p>The link to how you made the 3D printer is redundant. Could you fix it?</p>
<p>All I really have to say is Wow, this is a really cool idea and I love how you used both Legos and more robust parts together. Not to mention that it extrudes chocolate......</p>

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