The 3D LED Cube is a really cool device that enables you to see in three dimensions, get some depth perception and has 512 LED's or 512 pixels. It is based on an arduino uno which is an Atmel AVR microcontroller on a development board with some standard interfacing pinouts that allow you to quickly assemble prototypes.

Step 1: 3D LED Cube Hardware

The best way to look at the hardware system is to break it up into subsystems:
  • The LED Matrix
  • Control electronics for Columns
  • Control electronics for Layers
The LED Matrix

By addressing the appropriate layer and column in the LED matrix, it is possible to switch a particular LED on or off or vary its intensity. For each of these sets of controls, we have an interface to the brain which is an arduino uno running an Atmel AVR microcontroller. The arduino uno is programmed via a USB port from a PC. The arduino uno brain (or AVR brain) contains standard interfacing pins which allow connection to the outside world and external devices.
<p>What is the transparent dome over the entire thing for? Is it necessary?</p>
Dude I just love this tanx for putting out your steps out so good it realy help't me a LOT (unlike mine haha)
So, I am a huge noob at this sort of thing. I just made my 3x3x3 led cube and I have noticed an obvious dimming when I am running all of the LEDs. How are you preventing this problem? An external Power supply?
Very nice :) I just finished my 4x4x4 cube, now working on 3D snake. After that I'll definitely try building this cube :)
That will be cool. We are building a 8x8x8 RGB cube at the moment.
A game of &quot;Snake&quot; (the snake and apples) would be cool on this.
and connect 8 game
hi <br>i am 15 and have made my own LED cube, heres a video of how I made it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTZJOy70rrc&amp;list=LL7RW6Py5QalcKDnSCnX9_Dw <br>let me know if its helpful!
That is brilliant. I loved the time lapse video.<br>It certainly is a mission to build these cubes. lol.<br>Really nice work!<br>What are you doing for the electronics?
Hi, good question! I'm going to be honest with you, after an entire summer soldering LED's together, I had to buy the controller from it off a guy on ebay :( I did it for school, so I produced a 12,000 word booklet on how I made it.
Heres a good how to build video I made of the led cube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&amp;v=gTZJOy70rrc
Hi, <br> <br>Wonderful stuff! I wonder of you could provide the full list of the compartments, schematic diagrams and the codes. <br> <br>Thanks you.
Hello ,I'm also making led sculptures ,in my blog you can also share with info ,or just leve comments ! http://howtomakeled.blogspot.com/
Did the code and schematic ever happen, and if so where avaliable. This is a great project,&quot; WELL DONE &quot;
Yes but they are a bit complicated due to building the cube with the wrong leg of the diode to common. <br>I'll post the code and schematic but we are working on a new one to simplify it.
It looks like something out of a science fiction movie, the physical representation of an AI or a ship's power/shields/data core.
Can you tell me all the materials that need?
code? pelase? =D
cho minh xin nguyen ly va mach in voi dc kjhong ban goi qua mail nguyendangminhky@gmail.com<br>
I still need to draw the schematic up on the pc. I'll have it done soon. <br>You can start building the cube. <br>I built mine off these instructions. <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Led-Cube-8x8x8/step21/Build-the-cube-solder-a-layer/ <br> <br>BUT!!!!! <br>Bend the Anode leg rather than the cathode leg as he has. <br>eg it common anode per layer. <br> <br>We had to add a transistor converter in to swap it over. <br>Hence the code we have if for the added convertor version of the cube.
Nice aniamtions and for once not just reading the data from flash memory or receiving it over USB.<br>Waiting for code und schematics. ^_^
Looked at this and thought: &quot;Could i upscale it to an entire room?&quot;<br>I really think that's a good idea, just hang the lights from the ceiling and put the control box in the corner.
This is a great project and I looked because I plan to build one.<br><br>But this is more of a &quot;briefly, how I did it&quot; rather than &quot;How you can also do it&quot;. There is virtually no info on how it could be replicated (e.g. parts list, construction detail).
Code, Schematic, build instructions will be up in a week or so.
that is memorizing can i have one please pretty please
Thanks!<br><br>Video is up!<br>Code and schematic coming soon.<br>
very enlightening...and really great project with stellar close ups, how about pairing that uno with the monome
Waiting for the video :) Good job! :)

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