I go very often to cycle in the nature where is no electricity, and during a long bike tour my phone usually discharges. These smartphones have a large capacity but its consumption is big too. I made a few weeks ago another bike turbine for the Bicycle Contest, but I think I can make a better one. So created an all in one wind turbine power bank.

I like to combine cycling with electronics (these are my favorite hobbies) so that's why I create so much bike gadgets now for the Bike Contest.

This project requires basic soldering experience and some patience.

The price of a device like this is very high on the eBay, 112 bucks!!! Click here if you want to see. OK, my one can't light and isn't so smart but this price on the eBay is ultrahigh.

The gadget was made from scrap parts and from very cheap circuit parts. Now go gather materials!

Step 1: Gathering Tools and Materials

• Soldering Iron
• Glue Gun
• Wire Stripper and Cutter
• Electrical Tape

• an old CPU fan
• toroidal inductor
• 2N2222 or 2N3904 or BC547 transistor
• 5v step-up module, (boought on eBay)
• germanioum diodes (5 pieces)
• a small perfboard
• an old phone battery or a 18650 cell
• and a small switch
• bike support element

And that's all. The fan generates AC current that we'll convert to dc current to charge up the battery via a Joule Thief circuit.The Joule Thief gives enough voltage boost for the build in Lithium ion battery. I don't use a charger circuit, because this current isn't enough to damage the battery.

Good idea but why use a joule thief when you are allreddy using a step up module after all a joule thief is just another type of step up transformer that you can buy very cheap and the benefit thay work better than a joule thief ? Oh yeah there's no such thing as free energy and you will need a much bigger fan than that to even consider weather it is causing any drag. <br>And yes perfo's idea will work a lot better than a small pc fan. The only deferance would be the fan could still give you power when you stop if it is a windy day.
Hi, the Joule Thief is needed to charge up the build in battery, not directly the phone. Then the battery charges the phone with a second step up converter. <br><br>So the Joule Thief ensures the enough voltage for the battery from the fan.
Hi there<br>Thanks for your reply <br>I'm going to have a go at making this but I'm going to use a step up transformer instead of a joule thief just to see if I can generate more power from the fan I'll let you know how much volts I can get out of the fan when I've finished it <br>Thanks again<br>Ozzy
The parasytic load of an smartphone is way too big for that, try with the phone powered off.
<p>Hey Ozzy, I built it without the joule thief and the battery. Im getting a constant 5v output but not charging the phone. May be ampere is less :| </p>
<p>it can be compatible with iphone?</p>
That depends on your booster after the battery!
<p>請問各位高手大大 一開始材料準備提到 舊CPU風扇 和一般散熱風扇一樣嗎?</p><p>如購買時要選擇AC還是DC?形式有差別嗎? 還有風扇裡三條線是否用三用電表量測最適合的2條線在牽出來使用即可嗎? 勞駕各位高手解答</p>
Could you try to comment in English? It's a great way to get meaningful replies in Instructables!
<p>hi, how can I adapt this to charge a 3v (2 x 1.5v AA rechargeable batteries) to charge outside lights. Currently it is solar powered but would like to adapt to wind?</p>
Connect them to the diode bridge, also add a smoothing capacitor, no joule thief or extra battery required.
<p>why not wheel rotation dynamo</p>
<p>How I could reduce the charging time? With a bigger fan/generator capacity?</p><p>Maybe doesn't fitst best with the bicycle but for mountaineer is best because we don't have sun all the time on the hills but we have wind all the time (meanwhile .. shelter, tent, bivi the phone, gps, suunto or headlamp can be charged).</p>
<p>Interesting idea, but wouldn't it be _MUCH_ more efficient if you connected the generator directly to the wheels?</p>
<p>I completely agree. Put a rubber ring on the fan assembly and attach that to the wheel of the bike. More energy will be produced rather than from wind.</p>
<p>If I connect 6 fans - will it charge the phone in 1 hour? :)</p>
<p>Very helpful... bravo.. I also want to make my own, I hope it will work...</p>
<p>or you can attach dynemo to tyres..it can be stable &amp; durable source of energy than this....</p>
<p>Most modern mtb's atb's and roadrace bikes dont have mounts for a dynamo. nor is there a good surface for the dynamo to run against..</p><p>tho i cant imagine this being verry usefull either. i'll stick to my batterypack.</p><p>Unless someone can prove me wrong by actually testing it =)</p>
<p>I highly doubt you'll get any power from that. There is an APP called &quot;Ampere&quot; for androids that will tell you the charging current. Try that and report back your results. I see you have no voltage regulation... that's a bit scary. Good thing the fan doesn't put out much power!</p>
<p>Great idea! =D</p>
<p>it can be maximize by putting two fan to overcome low current problem..,for charge an android or apple device</p>
<p>when is this posted?</p>
<p>how do you keep all of the electronic parts? I need a place to put mine.</p>
<p>Ugye ezt te sem gondolod komolyan? :)</p>
<p>Hogy jelentős mennyis&eacute;gű energi&aacute;t tudsz belőle ki nyerni...</p>
annyit tud termelni, hogy lassan t&ouml;ltse a telefon akkumul&aacute;tort, nem ezzel akarom a v&aacute;rost ell&aacute;tni &aacute;rammal, de n&eacute;ha j&oacute;l j&ouml;tt ez a k&uuml;ty&uuml;
<p>Hi, I'm new to this stuff and I almost understand nothing of the uses of the materials and all that stuff. What do you recomend me to do?? Is there any web that explains more or less these materials??? Its for a high school project.<br>Thanks and great work man!!</p>
<p>Hi Imetomi,<br><br>Thank you for this interesting project. <br><br>I have two questions about fan wire connection part and joule thief an other part.<br><br>1) I read your answer on the forum but can you put a picture, photo or give more explication about the fan wires connection, please ?<br><br>2) Could you explain me why have you remplaced the resistor by diod, please ?<br><br>Thank you for your reply,<br><br>regards and bravo.</p><p>K</p>
How did u took out that propellor out of tje fan
10/10 Could you use a bigger battery?
<p>Yes, of course.</p>
<p>Can you be more specific with what materials you need, (e.g.) tell where you got each part from.</p>
<p>Kudos to you for an awesome project and write-up! I'm planning to make this but don't know which diodes to use? Could you list a few (at least one) that could work? Or what specs I'm looking for? I searched &quot;germanium diodes&quot; but got lost. Would be appreciated, Thanks!</p>
1N4001 or 1N4007 will work perfect! Thank you!
<p>Hi Imetomi,</p><p>Could you please provide some more details about the components and update the main article.</p><p><strong>Materials</strong><br>&bull; an old CPU fan - What volt / watt? Will SMPS fan work?<br> &bull; toroidal inductor - What specifications?<br> &bull; 5v step-up module, (boought on eBay) - I got one which doesn't have USB port. Could you please post the link.</p>
<p>Which size is better for toroidal conductor? Btw amazing project! <br>12.5x7.5x5 mm or 16.00x9.60x6.30mm? </p>
<p>windpower instead of solar, very good idea. thanks for sharing.</p>
Hi people<br><br>I have tried my best. I took a smps fan n tried getting electricity by rotating it. It never gives the voltage<br><br>Can anyone help ?
Ampere that germanium diode use?
<p>we are not getting sufficient voltage from rectifier ckt what should we to overcome it</p>
good job bro. i will attempt soon. have almost all of as extra parts. as always i will tweak to liking. i will let you know how it goes. keep up the great ideas.
<p>Oh! so, how can I buy toroidal inductor? I want a link.</p>
<p>How can I buy toroidal inductor? and Does it necessary ?</p>
yes, without the inductor doesn't works, I salvaged mine from an old CFL bulb...
<p>And, part 2 of 5th picture. I don't understand how to connect electric wire. </p><p>Please explain this.</p>
The wire is connected inside the fan case, where is placed the inductor.
<p>it's really necessary the 5v step-up module? can I just simply use a usb-female port?</p>
<p>Yes, because its a variable current tension </p>

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