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hey,can you link me any mass distribution formula i can't find it anywhere :) thank yu

lizardegg1 month ago

Cool.Well I'm gonna have a try a this.

Yonatan247 months ago

Thanks For Following!

Was there any specific project that made you click that orange button? :)

Imetomi (author)  Yonatan247 months ago

Oh yes, I liked very much your 200 Watt LED Light project, I should make something like that to our weekend house... :)

Yonatan247 months ago

Congrats on 1 Million views!

Imetomi (author)  Yonatan247 months ago

Thank you!

something is wrong in electronic circuit;transistor type pnp so, collector must connect to -ve battery !!!.

amorarun1 year ago

Congrats for being a finalist in Make Energy contest, hope to see more from you.

Imetomi (author)  amorarun1 year ago

Thank you!