Soon after Pokeman Go released, the safety issues of playing this game outdoor have drawn a lot of attentions. Players run on the street without watching traffic,even one of them fell down from bridge. It is difficult to be aware of surroundings through a camera lens while playing the game. To avoid potential hazards, I decide to make a Pokemon safety badge to trigger motor when the distance between wearer and any object is less than one meter.

It takes 5 minutes to make this project including assembling parts and uploading the code. Zero hardware background is required. Pikachu~

Step 1: Assemble Hardware Parts

Here are 4 parts we used in this project. The main parts are an ultrasonic or infrared sensor to detect object, and a vibration motor to trigger action. After gathering all the parts, assemble them together. Thanks to the plug and play feature, these parts from Grove system require no soldering for your circuit.

A. Ultrasonic sensor
I used an ultrasonic sensor to detect whether there is any obstacle in front. We can adjust the distant from 3cm to 4m. In this project, we set 1 meter which will be demonstrated in the code.

B. Vibration motor
This tiny motor is the same material of phone vibration.

C. Grove Joint
Grove Joint is an Arduino-based controlled. If you have not heard of Arduino, it is an 8-bit little computer that could interfaces with the physical worlds by sensing the environment and triggering actions.Theoretically any board compatible with Arduino UNO would do the trick, such as Xadow Duino specially for wearable project.

D. 3.7 V battery
This is how you power the badge.

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Great idea! I have seen kids walk aimlessly like zombies. Safety first people. What is the total cost for thos project?
<p>Do you sell distance sensors that detect further than 10 feet?</p>
yep, this Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger is able to detect 4.8m(16 feet).<br>Thanks. <br><br>http://www.seeedstudio.com/Grove-Ultrasonic-Ranger-p-960.html
<p>Great. I'll take a look. I like this idea. I'm thinking of putting one together.</p>
<p>very good</p>
<p>It would be nice to know when I am 1 meter from the ground when falling off a bridge</p>
<p>good work. </p>
<p>Thank you.</p>
This is a fantastic idea! I walk with my 11year old son and it is easy for him to run ahead of me to catch a wild Pok&eacute;mon! I watch for cars &amp; dangers and he watches for critters, stops &amp; gyms. Drivers beware! Gamers are out &amp; about &amp; getting their Vitamin D thanks to this clever app.
<p>Thanks, I am glad that you like it. </p>
<p>haha, nice video! </p>
<p>Thanks. </p>
nice, but where does everyone get the laser cutters is my question
<p>If you can find a maker space, there will be a laser cutter. And you can make it with some paper as well.</p>
I got Pokemon go but I don't have cell service and I can't leave my house to get Pokemon :(

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