This is a step by step explanation of how to build a 5x5 LED cube using an arduino. I did this project for my undergraduate electronics class and it took me about 2 weeks to complete.

Note: Apparently, some of the links for the supplies and code aren't working, if you need them send me an email at amh02010@mymail.pomona.edu.

You can find a video of the working LED cube on youtube here:

And here's another:

Step 1: Supplies

I used www.mouser.com and www.amazon.com to order my materials for this project. The main parts needed are:
-125 LEDs
-30x 150 Ohm resistors
-5x 3-8 Line Decoders
-5 NPN Transistors

The manufacturer numbers and prices can be found in the attached document though the cost was about $40.

Additional required materials:
-Arduino uno
-Soldering iron
-Sturdy wire (for structure of cube)
-Insulated wires
-sockets (for decoders)

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