Picture of 5x5x5 LED cube run on Arduino Uno
Hello friends, this is my take on a 5x5x5 LED cube, lets get started.

The first thing we need to do is get all of our supplies.
We're going to need...:
*125 LEDs (make sure they are red or yellow or the arduino will not be able to run it)
*wire, lots of wire
*5 3-8 line decoders
*5 NPN Transistors
*30 150 Ohm resistors
*a bread board ( preferably 3x 5 inches)
* soldering iron (always wear your safety glasses)
*sponge (for cleaning the soldering iron)
*conductive rods ( you can get 3/64 brass rods in a 6 pack at hobby lobby for about three dollars; get about 6 or7)
* wire cutters
*needle nose pliers
*wire strippers

Step 1: Step 1 cutting the rods

Picture of step 1 cutting the rods
The rods at hobby lobby are one foot in length; however, we only need pieces that are 5 inches. we are going to build a frame for the cube then attach the LEDs to the skeleton.

First take your rods and get them all the right length. cutting two inches off every rod then cutting the rest in half to five inch pieces.
once you have all of them cut we can move on to the next step.

Please send code on shashigupta323929@gmail.com.
MinhD14 months ago

please send code to email : vuminhduc456@gmail.com Thankyou !!!

code has many compiling errors....please upload correct code

силиев9 months ago

I have a problem. I use decoders 74HC238 and I'm not sure but think the problem is in my decoders. Can you tell me which decoders you use?

Cubytus11 months ago

Same question here. I doubt the Arduino would allow for enough current for the 125 LEDs without burning.

AndaayPhan1 year ago

Could you post some pictures of the Board and the connections?

Could you please take some pictures of the board

How do you power this?