GPS receivers are expensive! This neat and relatively easy hack will turn a high-quality (and cheap) GPS card into one that is usable via serial port. Then you just plug it into an Arduino or any compatible microprocessor and you are good to go!

Check out Andrzej of EmerytHacks who discovered this hack!

Step 1: Watch my video!

My video will overview the process of hacking this chip. More details and images will be provided next.

You can also check out my blog @ denialmedia.ca for more information and updates.

<p>Hi, I enjoyed the video. Is it possible to do the same mods on a ublox 8 and also place the GPS in model 8 (for data acquisition above Mach 1) and to apogees much higher as used in high altitude ballooning? These applications are for high power rocketry?</p>
<p>Hi! Thanks for the Instructable! If I connect a USB cable to the points: TX, RX, VCC and GND card, I can connect it directly to the USB port of my laptop? Thanks.</p>
No, but the card does have a separate USB connection. See this image: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-yZYyOJ9kExc/UTtt0C_JnuI/AAAAAAAAAjA/Rt-MAN9auP4/s1600/ublox+pci-5s.jpg
<p>I would like to make a magnetic case for use outside the car, connected to the laptop directly into a USB port. I may have to use a voltage regulator to reduce the 5V to 3.3V card. I'm no expert in electronics! My knowledge is limited. I have suggested to carry out my idea? Thanks.</p>
<p>It's rare for me to assemble an Arduino project and have it work on the first try - seems like there's always *something* LOL - but this went off without a hitch for me. I was able to salvage the antenna out of a non-working Magellan car GPSunit, so I saved a few extra bucks via recycling as well. Thanks for the awesome Instructable! :-)</p>
<p>Glad to help :)</p>
<p>Hi , thanks for this awesome project !</p><p>I have one question , can i, instead of using it with the computer make it autonomous , what can you suggest ?</p><p>i want to embed it on a car.</p>
<p>I'm making an autonomous boat, so I have some experience with that. Check out my blog for more: <a href="http://denialmedia.ca/?cat=57" rel="nofollow">http://denialmedia.ca/?cat=57</a></p><p>Hopefully not a real car, right?</p>
<p>Can I use it to make ballistic rockets?</p>
<p>Just like any GPS, this card has limits as to how fast and how high it can go. If you were to build a rocket using this GPS as a control, the rocket would need to maintain a speed of less than 500m/s (1800km/h) and maintain an altitude of less than 50km.</p><p>For comparison with rockets, the German V2 travels at about 800m/s at impact; which is one of the slowest points of flight for a rocket. The V2 also traveled at an altitude of 88km while the GPS rocket would barely break the statopause.</p><p>You are much better off building an autopiloted airship which can drop more than one payload.</p><p>Have fun! :)</p>
Perhaps I was a bit too vague. I have several Laptop Wi-Fi modules and it would be nice to hack them to use them with an Arduino,similar to what you have done with this laptop GPS card, rather than having to buy an expensive Wi-Fi shield. Not to use them for location services, but to use them for Wi-Fi.
<p>Ah, I got it. I'm not sure that this is possible. This <a href="http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/ArduinoWiFiShieldPinUseDescribed_2.jpg" rel="nofollow">card</a> seems to have a USB interface through it's PCI port. The GPS card that I hacked also has the same USB connection through it's PCI port. The question is, how would you interface with it? The WIFI shield does have a <a href="http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/ArduinoWiFiShieldPinUseDescribed_2.jpg" rel="nofollow">pin</a> for something called &quot;SS&quot; but I'm not sure that is is for software serial. Even if it was, the WIFI shield processes the data before it does to the Arduino, I doubt the ability of a computer card to do the same.</p>
<p>I wonder if this could also be done with a laptop wifi card???</p>
<p>This card (U-blox PCI-5S) is a laptop card, it is not a WIFI card though. Some WWAN Laptop cards suppport triangulation through mobile networks, but that's all I know.</p>

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