A little bit different than your regular Infinity Mirror. Using a piece of mirrored acrylic for the back mirror, 8 rows of 8 holes are drilled into in a grid pattern. A LED is then placed in each hole and wired up so that i can be multiplexed through a controller.

The frame I built for this project is very similar to my 8x8 Infinity Mirror, but instead of having glass for the rear mirror, I used mirrored acrylic which is easily drilled. And there are no LEDS around the outside. All the LEDs are in the back mirror and appear to be floating within it.

I got the idea after making an octagon mirror with a inner ring of LEDs, the effect of the LEDs floating in there is quite appealing, so I decided to do a small/simple project to demonstrate.

Building the actual frame will not be covered in detail here, but plans are in the ZIP. For detailed instructions on building the frame please see my other Instructable - 32 LED Infinity Mirror

The firmware is written in C18 for the PIC18F1320 and the TPIC6C596 high power shift register. Its a very basic program, with just 4 patterns to display, 2 switches change the pattern and the speed.

UPDATE: Kits are now available for this project, the LED controller is not being offered, but there are many different 8x8 array controllers out there to choose from. Quality glass 2-way mirror on the front and mirrored acrylic for the back, drilled and ready to use. Link

Check Out my Infinity Mirror Gallery

Step 1: Supplies

Get a Kit including the Frame Parts, front and back mirror, drilled and ready. LED Controller is not being offered.

- PIC18F1320
- 18pin socket
- TPIC6C596 shift register
- 16 pin socket
- x64 5mm LEDs, whatever color, I used white. Buy Some
- x3 10kohm 1/4w resistors
- x8 220 ohm resistors, may be different based on color
    *Used high value resistors because they LEDs shouldn't be to bright inside an infinity mirror or it won't        work as well.
- 1 uF capacitor
- 0.1uF capacitor
- x2 momentary pushbuttons
- 5v @ ~1A power supply with DC Jack Get One

Circuit Board:
- Solid strand wire
- Perfboard

- Plans are on the next page or in my 32 LED Infinity Mirror
- I use 100mil Polystyrene, but acrylic or 1/8th masonite would work as well

- Soldering Iron
- Hotglue gun
- drill and bits, for button hole
- 5mm drill bit for LEDs
- Utility Knife

I could put a kit together for everything or just certain parts, Contact Me to find out

Hye! is it possible tho make a infinity mirror with a non flat surface?<br>could a front car window to the trick?
Great stuff ...thanks for your work. Would you be able to re-submit the schematic showing the placement of the 2 capacitors? Cheers
this is probably a silly question. but where is the best place to buy acrylic? i am just after normal acrylic not a mirrored one
Hardware stores usually make you buy the whole sheet if they have to cut it, but they may have scraps they will sell you. Otherwise glass and screen stores may have some as well.
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This is sweet!! you put kits together too!? awesome =]
cool, I have seen huge versions of these at museums. I was wondering how they worked. Ever since I saw one in a museum I wanted a smaller one for my house.

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