Step 9: Other Interesting Uses

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Mustard is also rumored to have some other extraordinary uses. If you get a chance, give these a whirl!
And, if you were a bit overzealous with your mustard and spilled a bit on your clothes, no worries. There's a way to get out that stain.
valkgurl4 months ago

When you do the "smear on and cover" procedure--that is called a Mustard Plaster. And you should make sure not to leave it on too long or be careful to keep checking as it CAN burn your skin. Make sure to wash it off well afterwards to avoid staining and further burning.

To get mustard seeds of powder (some call it flour) cheaply try a noatural food store or Co-op; if they don't have it they usually can get it for you.

Dry mustard in cooking---add to any melted cheese recipe==Mac 'N' Cheese; (home made or boxed!) to give just a bit of extra flavor--start with about a 1/4 tsp in a boxed batch. Also a lot of recipes involving Sour Cream (not sweetened ones!) are much improved with a bit of it---think Stroganoff or cassaroles; add to dressings; Deviled Eggs; (any egg dish really!); Rib or Brisket Rubs---endless uses!

mistergreen11 months ago

thanks, great info!

Hooknbullet2 years ago
I love Dijon mustard, but plain old yellow mustard always makes me sleepy! What's that about?
REA2 years ago
The smell of mustard can also ward off cats. We keep a bottle at the dinner table to keep our cats from jumping on and coming close to our food.
Apparently eating a small dab of mustard helps get rid of heartburn.
taransa3 years ago
Surprised to not see charlie horse relief on the list! Straight apple cider vinegar in warm water is best but anything with vinegar helps (pickles, mustard etc)

Great list though!
nefra14 years ago
a wonder drug
peacenique4 years ago
Ummm...WOW, I'm going to try it on a burger!! **wink**
chicopluma4 years ago
mustard bunny!!
rainbowlory4 years ago