"if it doens't happen in 2012, we can always do it ourselfs..."
Thats the slogan for this project..  we have to end one way or the other!!

(Just kidding...)

However..  a device like this is very cool to own so I decided to build one myself.
Instructed by the movies "broken arrow" and "armageddon" and the luck of having a
self destructed microwave oven I got to work on building a doomsday device similar to what you see on television.

(of course with my personal ideas and designs)
The fun of building it is that you can build something great into your own image or idea.
Video below:

Step 1: Parts, Components and Plans...

Alright here is the fantasy material:  I was very impressed of the nuclear devices used in the movie Broken arrow..

It was sort of mobile, small, and did have a very impressive user interface.. (buttons and display)
Due to copyright stuff I cannot show you the movie pictures but this will give you some idea...

Otherwise I will recommend to watch the movie anyway, its a good one.
I do have some other plans as well with it so I build some extra features into it, but thats for later.

PLEASE BE AWARE that I dont not want you to build it "exactly" like this one. I do want to you to see the idea that you can build some beautiful stuff out of things that normally was thrown away of discarded. Its a beautiful art to recycle and make something nice out of worthless scrap...

!!! WARNING !!! microwave ovens are using at least around 1000 volts to work and hold a charge when the thing is unplugged. Leave it for a couple of days unplugged and then discharge the internal capacitor. If you dont know how to do it safely, dont do it at all.
Another WARNING I should give you is that microwaves can contain berrylium, usually a pink isolator on the output of the miicrowave transmitter, dont use such models those can give you serious lung disease.

This project was a long time on my mind, it really started when our microwave oven died, a big BANG was needed to take it to mirco wave heaven. After discharging the internal capacitor I removed all the electronics from the mircowave oven and gave each wire a label.

Over time I collected a lot of scrap parts and junk..  Just pieces of metal,plumbing parts, computer parts, tape recorder components etc.  Everthing you may think is usefull some day for a project. I collected whatever I thought looked dangerous, unknown, and I-do-not-want-to-tough-that parts... (like high voltage transformers) I am sure if I can collect and find pieces, so can you, all it takes is time.

Some parts were already provided by the microwave oven like the transmitter inside...  I toke it apart and used the copper core as the "anti matter collector" (see step 3)

I just don't have sufficient tools or moneu
Great work! I might use it when suiting :P
<p>great piece of work!!! I'd love to see it in real life... although I'll get more depressed coz I'll never make anything like this... insufficient tools and time (I'm broke and I've got to work heheheh).</p><p>Very professional Instructable. Thanks for sharing!!! </p>
<p>Lets take it to the CBD!</p><p>- Sorry, Melbourne Joke.</p><p>TASM</p>
<p>awesome....great job. great detail.....</p>
This is great! Really nice job! Would be cool to see the servo in the anti-matter core speed up the closer to zero the timer is (and even ramp up the brightness of the led's the closer to zero the timer is also).
Hmmmmmm....I've always wanted to get arrested at the airport!
This is so cooool! It would be great if at the end of the timer it made an explosive sound and shot out confetti....would be a must at parties!
Amazing build!
Great instructable! Who manufactures that cool outdoor lamp, and what is the part number, please ( googling &quot;tilos&quot; wasn't much use at all )?
This is all I could find on the box: Sencys tilos Artnr. 5250821 Hope that helps...
this would be a great looking clock
Would be great to integrate one of those 'do nothing boxes'. <br>When the timer reaches 0, a little finger pokes out of a trap door and presses the disarm button.
Now its getting personal FutrixEnterprises... I think it's a matter of taste, I know it's a 98% useless device good for a laugh or a scare sometime... But I get the most satisfaction to build something completely futuristic and then make it completely functional and real as it should be in the Si-fi world. Not here on earth with again another pc case or something, and there is simply no room to make it real and functional with a pc or ipod amplifier in it. IF it can be done I would have just like the groovy gun project. In this project there was no room for it any more, I really tried so hard. (Who the hell would build a ipod docking station in a weapon of mass destruction? playing: &quot;R.E.M It's the End of the World as We Know It&quot; the last 5 minutes ) It would be epic!! <br> <br>I think you're question is valid, but it is just not my style..
Thats fantastic, epic job. But like someone said a lot of work just for some giggles. <br> <br>Why not ditch the power up or make it fake and condense your display to the bottom or top and turn it into a PC case and have a destruct sequence when people turn it on and dont have the logon?? I'd love to see a PC case version!! If you do let me know?? :)
that is awesome and is giving me many bad ideas! <br> <br>perhaps...... and these are just suggestions to make it awesomer....install a xenon strobe to go off when the countdown gets to zero... replace that copper wire loop at the bottom with EL wire and make it pulse... and RGB LED's in the &quot;anti-matter collector&quot; up top and have the danger states &quot;fade&quot; into each other instead of switching off? <br> <br>great job!
You just resumed most of my ideas. Looks like Professor Farnsworth needs some more doomsday devices :)
you should really put a loud siren in there that goes off when it reaches 0 to scare the living s**t out of anyone who activates it.
That is just plain evil. I love it! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Wow! This looks better than any prop I have ever seen in the movies. Beautiful work.
The question &quot;why the freak would you build something like that?&quot; is may be seeing all those compliments down there. Makes me giggling like a little girll (can be very disturbing) but I love it, and I just love Si-fi stuff like you guys! <br> <br> Thank you everyone... <br> <br>Btw Azayles, a flight case is a good one..
You deserve a cake for this one! Man, that's a ton of work for some giggles. I loved it. Well, Done!!!
That's beautiful work. You should work for a movie studio.
This is bloody amazing! You should get an aluminium flight case to store the thing in to give it an extra depth of realism :P <br>Will definitely try and make something like this! I have many of the parts already, including a dead microwave with a cool-looking timer on :D
Well at least if the police ever turn up and search your house they'll have a genuine reason to tale you to the station for questioning. <br> <br>Why on earth would you want something like this?
This is epic! One of the best instructables ever!
No way this could go wrong!
very cool.
I can see some TSA agent getting major butt pucker... can you imagine... &quot;Um, we need to look inside that suitcase.&quot; 3...2...1... MAJOR PANIC MODE. Probably don't want to go within a mile of an airport with that!
I don't think going within a mile of an airport would be an issue after showing up once with this in your luggage; at least not for the next 30 years or so (unless you count the prison cells at Gitmo as being &quot;within a mile of an airport&quot;). :-)
Thanks everyone, its true that I can only transpot this thing in europa because we dont have TSA or border police if you are traveling by car. I did transport it ones and it felt very strange, having something like that with me. (like you know something that they dont) I am looking into the suggestions made here, these projects are &quot;never&quot; finished... <br> <br>Thank you all <br> <br>(oh, and I will not use microwave parts again, its not a good idea..)
Note to author, in the UK it's illegal to dismantle a microwave magnetron. <br>Here' official info: <br> Magnetrons have beryllium oxide (beryllia) ceramic insulators, which are dangerous if crushed and inhaled, or otherwise ingested. Single or chronic exposure can lead to berylliosis, an incurable lung condition. In addition, beryllia is listed as a confirmed human carcinogen by the IARC; therefore, broken ceramic insulators or magnetrons should not be directly handled.
Why do those devices in movies need all the bells and whistles? They don't even need a sign saying &quot;BOMB&quot;
epic job....love it. I imagine you with this in inox suitcase at the airport.....PANIC!...lol great job
That is so bad ass!
Great job!! Love it!!
Now these are the things that make me smile. <br>A sense of humour and LED's :-) <br> <br>Nice job! <br>
Wonderful. Looks like it could make a really effective one shot alarm clock. BTW, you must have a really understanding wife. Mine puts her foot down at my building antimatter devices of any type (Think of the children, won't someone think of the children?). <br> <br>hip
Looks pretty cool! Too bad there's no way to get it to a Sci-Fi convention. I can imagine what TSA would think when this shows up on the airport X-ray machine's screen :)
Looks cool
Threatening&nbsp;interface and a countdown timer? Great stuff!<br /> You should totally enter this in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/scifi2012/">Sci-Fi Contest.</a>
It feels like that with just a normal microwave for me.
I feel you, Bro. <br>
Something this cool just spells trouble. Just KNOWING that something this cool looking can be built, spells trouble. Now I need to go find an instructable that involves baking or knitting in order to clear my mind of this thing... DAMN YOU!
This is really cool, but be aware that microwave oven magnetrons contain berrylium oxide, which can cause a serious lung disease.
Thanks for the warning, I do have a other project with these type of pink berrylium isolators. It has been locked away until I find a saver microwave module.. (this one does not contain berrylium thank good ness.. (checked old manual and model) <br>And thanks everyone for the comments..
Really, beryllium is not a whole lot more hazardous than asbestos or lead (in fact, unless you are doing something unusual with it, rather less). Basically, don't eat it, don't water with it dissolved in it, don't lick it, don't snort it, etc. If you are doing something that might put you at risk for inhaling it, like if it is in powder form, or you are machining it, of course use a breathing barrier. &nbsp;Please see <a href="http://bit.ly/S6GtLm" rel="nofollow">this document</a> for information regarding the safe handling of beryllium. &nbsp;And please, just because its a chemical with a fancy name doesn't mean its really all that dangerous. &nbsp;Case in point, <a href="http://bit.ly/TyKvIH" rel="nofollow">dhmo.org</a>.<br>

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