Achu Murukku: A Sweeter Version of Murukku Variety of South India

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Picture of Achu Murukku: A Sweeter Version of Murukku Variety of South India
Murruku is a South Indian crunchy snack food made mainly with rice flour. There are so many different varieties of Murukku. Achu Murukku is a sweeter version of this South Indian fried food made using a mold.

In Tamil language, Murukku means twisted because of its shape and Achu means Mold: Here a flower shaped mold is used to make Achu Murukku.
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Step 1: Achu Murukku Mold

The mold used to make Achu Murukku is made of thin metal sheet shaped like a flower. A  handle, about 12 inches long, is attached to the center of the flower shape. When you hold the handle perpendicular to the ground, the flower shaped mold stays facing downwards. These type of molds are readily available in Crocery shops in South India.

Step 2: Ingredients

Ingredients required:
  • 1 cup raw rice flour
  • 1/2 cup maida / all purpose flour 
  • 1/2 cup sugar powder
  • 1 cup Raw coconut
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • Oil for deep frying about 300 ml

Step 4: Coconut milk

Using a mixer / grinder, grind the raw coconut with water and extract the milk. About one cup of coconut milk is required to make the batter.

Step 5: Batter

Add the coconut milk to the flour in the bowl and mix well with a spoon. Make sure that there are no lumps in the mix. Also, the batter should not be too thin or too thick and should be of medium consistency.

if the batter is too liquid it will not come out of the mold easily and if it is too thick you will not get crispy Murukku. Adjust the liquid consistency accordingly.

Step 6: Heating the oil and the mold

Picture of Heating the oil and the mold
Heat about 300 ml of oil in a frying pan. Here I have used refined Rice Bran oil.

When the oil is hot, dip the mold in oil and keep it for about a minute.
groovymama10 months ago
antoniraj (author)  groovymama10 months ago
thank you...
jprozas10 months ago
My grand mother make " flores" ( flowers) with egs, flour and olive oil in Spain.
antoniraj (author)  jprozas10 months ago
looks so nice and similar...I think the language is Spanish, but easy to follow with the photographs... Gracias por compartir
clgonsal10 months ago
Any advice on where to purchase this sort of mold?
apamplona clgonsal10 months ago
You could purchase a similar, but not identical, mold for the purpose of making Swedish rosettes. They are not made of sheet metal like the one shown on this instructable but they are otherwise similar. See, for example, .
clgonsal apamplona10 months ago
Thanks! These do appear to have a similar function.
antoniraj (author)  clgonsal10 months ago
this sort of ready-made molds are available in South Indian grocery shops only. Sheet metal working shops can easily make one if you show them the design.
apamplona10 months ago
The Swedish make something similar called rosettes (but with a wheat flour based batter). See for an example.
shizy2510 months ago Sri Lanka we call it kokis! :-) but yes...we use the achu... which means 'mold' :-)
good tutorial.
Are you Sri lankan?
antoniraj (author)  shizy2510 months ago
No, I am from South India
Zadiac7010 months ago
one of my fav, great instructions :)
ArticAkita10 months ago
wow thats neat!, clearly explained, & done!
antoniraj (author)  ArticAkita10 months ago
dchristo10 months ago
I love achu murukku,... fantastic
sabu.dawdy11 months ago
this look soooo cool
antoniraj (author)  sabu.dawdy11 months ago
thank you... try it at your home
i don't have this mold..
antoniraj (author)  sabu.dawdy10 months ago
Sheet metal workers can easily make one if you show them the design. Hope you could find somebody who can make the mold
TheDailyNail10 months ago
So excited to try this! When I lived in Chennai, my coworker made these and they were SO yummy!
antoniraj (author)  TheDailyNail10 months ago
hope you got a mold to try this
Lost Moai10 months ago
I love the look of these. I wonder if the molding process would work with plain old pancake batter.
antoniraj (author)  Lost Moai10 months ago
Please try with the pancake batter.. I think it should work
protorob10 months ago
antoniraj (author)  protorob10 months ago
thank you...
sanorita11 months ago
Thanks for sharing murukku receipe
antoniraj (author)  sanorita11 months ago
You're welcome...
lmnopeas11 months ago
You totally nailed it with these! They look amazing!
antoniraj (author)  lmnopeas11 months ago
thank you for your appreciation...
HollyMann11 months ago
wow that just looks amazing - yum!
antoniraj (author)  HollyMann11 months ago
thank you...
ffcabral11 months ago
Ahhhh it looks so good! can you believe I never had any Indian food? And the more I see, the more I want! :D
antoniraj (author)  ffcabral11 months ago
thank you.. hope you will have a chance to taste Indian food in the near future...
Treasure Tabby11 months ago
Oo nice. Looks like Hana art that you can eat.
antoniraj (author)  Treasure Tabby11 months ago
thank you...
ohww, I just love murukku! now I know how to make them, thanks for sharing this recipe :)
antoniraj (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz11 months ago
you are welcome... try this at your home
jessyratfink11 months ago
Beautiful! I love eating these but I had no idea how they were made. :D
antoniraj (author)  jessyratfink11 months ago
thank you...

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