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Congratulation on winning the grand prize in organization contest! and also congrats for the snow contest, :)

Have a great day!

antoniraj (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz1 month ago
thank you... congratulations to you also for winning in many contests

Wow you won...sorry did not find out until today...Your projects are awesome. Congrats


can you please send me the detailed documment of creating kitchen waste bio gas, process and if posible photos also to

antoniraj (author)  justsrikanth1 month ago
please see files sent to your mail id

I happened to look at your overview. I am happy to see your quote from Robert A. Heinlein and will make use of it not only in my daily life but to help raise and nurture my 6 grand children aged 3 months to 6 years.

Wanting to share an idea I say:

RE: Your space saver on the floor - if switched to vertical it can transform any one's house and give lots of living space at the same time. I and my husband constructed out of pressed wood almost all of our storage areas and closets in a small house. The designs are simple and reach from ceiling to floor but vertical instead of horizontal. We used curtains which I sewed from top to bottom and the result gave a hotely type luxury feel to it all. Everything was so accessible too with only having to move the split curtains in any way. I still have the same arrangement so it served when the children (3) were small right on into adulthood with all the accumulation of hobby items etc.

Doing this we saved space and gained space for all our possessions.

All the best to you.

antoniraj (author)  rosemary gillespie1 month ago
thank you very much....

I will think over your suggestion. There are other rooms to be remodeled and I will see the possibilities of vertical storage in them.

Best wishes to you and your grand children
antoniraj (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 month ago


bajablue2 months ago


antoniraj (author)  bajablue2 months ago
hanessiger3 months ago
hi .good and useful knowledgebase you have here. tell me ,is chicken manure a good material for the biogas plant ? I keep chickens so the waste could be utilised there first and then the garden later .thanx
antoniraj (author)  hanessiger3 months ago
yes, you can use chicken manure very well in bio-gas plant. No problem. You can use the digested slurry as manure for your garden
gowtham22093 months ago
I have gone through the information displayed on the website and im interested in doing a biogas plant using food waste for my college project. so kindly mail me the details including the factors affecting the efficiency of the biogas plant and how much heat and load it can withstand and also the measures to be taken to improve the efficiency of the biogas plant to u :)

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