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AnshuM51 month ago

Respected Sir,

I am Suman Mittal (gau sewak).I am interested in your project. Can I please get your contact number?

I would also like to visit you regarding it.

email id is anshu0mittal@gmail.com

phone no is 09311284592.

please send me the details regarding the mini biogas plant to my maii sreekanthreddy938@gmail.com

antoniraj (author)  sreekanthvaddi3 months ago
please see attached file sent to your mail
rush_elixir3 months ago

rush_elixir0 seconds ago

awesome projects...keep it up and God bless...thanks for sharing

antoniraj (author)  rush_elixir3 months ago
thank you rush_elixir...
_Idee_5 months ago

You have huge number of quality projects. Keep going !! Looking forward for more.

antoniraj (author)  _Idee_5 months ago
thank you...

Helloh my name is kisitu aloysious from uganda now working on bio gas systems but i would love to specialize more in the plastic bio gas systems because they are not being used in the country ,my humble request is to help me with all the requirements that are needed in the process and if possible you help us in the mentorship of this project because its so beneficial my email is kisitualoy@gmail.com or visit upcycle africa on google thank you

antoniraj (author)  kisitu aloysious6 months ago

your set-up seems to be good. Please also see my instructable on Constructing a medium sized biogas plant here...


YogeshS286 months ago

Hello sir, I am looking for Bio Gag plant from Kitchen waste.

Can you please let me know any reference to get the plant in Delhi or Rajasthan




antoniraj (author)  YogeshS286 months ago

Sintex Industries is manufacturing and selling Biogas plants. You can contact any Sintex dealer in Delhi or Rajasthan for the same.

YogeshS287 months ago

Hello sir, I am working on Biogas production. can you please help me to send the detailed of mini biogas plant.




antoniraj (author)  YogeshS287 months ago
Please see attached files sent to your mail
AkshayS648 months ago

Hello sir, i m a Chemical Engineering student. I m working on a project related to Biogas production on a large scale,sir i need ur help plz guide me about the designing calculation of Biogas tank/digester and i need some important data about biogas production plant...my Email id is




antoniraj (author)  AkshayS648 months ago
please see the attached files sent to your mail