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Pitera Man3 days ago

I really enjoy your instructables! Do you have any knowledge for working with castor bean to make oil or emulsions? Most of the quality videos I find on the net are in Japanese or Sanskrit(?), not much in English. You seem like a capable person with vast knowledge, perhaps, you can help me or point me in the right direction. Many thanks!

antoniraj (author)  Pitera Man3 days ago
Castor beans grow in our place in plenty. You can extract oil from the dried seeds by pressing as normally done with other nuts. There is no special technique involved.
In my childhood, we used this oil as laxative, as hair oil, for burning lamps and also in some cosmetics.
Here is the picture of pure castor oil (not branded). This I got for one of my future projects

Congratulations sir on making it to finals of the papercraft contest!

antoniraj (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz6 days ago
thank you Muhaiminah... you are also a finalist. seems you are on a winning spree
AbhayG119 days ago


I make bio gas plant at home. it working on cow-dung,i use plastic tank of 200Ltr and 125ltr where gas production is done but till the gas is not burning. i think some thing wrong.

please help me by sharing your knowledge. OR send me the instruction on mail

my email ID is

antoniraj (author)  AbhayG117 days ago

I f you have made it recently, the initial gas produced will not burn. you need to release the initial gas minimum three to four times before you get burnable gas

antoniraj (author)  AbhayG119 days ago
when did you make the plant and put cow dung solution in it ?
lstiles19 days ago

You have several great ideas. Being a person who is working towards simple, Thanks!

antoniraj (author)  lstiles19 days ago
thank you lstiles...
mahaa n19 days ago

Thanks sir,Valuable reply.

mahaa n21 days ago

sir,when we remove the slurry the smell will can we avoid the smell.waiting for your reply.

antoniraj (author)  mahaa n21 days ago
biogas digestion also produces little amount of Hydrogen Sulfide and ammonia. They are less than 1% of the total volume of gas produced. Most of the Hydrogen sulfide will dissolve in water to produce weak acid. there may be mild smell of these gases in the slurry which is ok.

If it smells too much then you are overfeeding the system. When you overfeed, undigested or partially digested slurry will be drained out that will have much smell. Methane is an odorless gas
pfiddle4 months ago

Many thanks for this wonderful unit and so well described too. I hope to show it to others here in Ireland to see if we can make some positive use of the huge (growing) amount of cow-dung.

Well done sir.

antoniraj (author)  pfiddle4 months ago
thank you...
AmritN4 months ago

Dear Mr. Antoniraj,

Sir, I am very impressed by the simple design of the mini bio gas equipment you made.

Would you consider sharing the details of this design with me please.

Thank you in advance

A Nathan