Bored of regular Jenga? This Jenga pistol brings back the excitement in Jenga by allowing you to pull off never before possible brick removals!

The original design is by Matthias Wandle which he wrote about on his woodworking site, woodgears.ca. The design uses a captive bolt, powered by an elastic band to blast the Jenga block out of its space before it knows what's hit it! I visit his site weekly so had read about his attempts at selling some of his Jenga pistols, which didn't go as well as he'd hoped because the interest had died down and they took too long to make in wood.

His efforts inspired me to make an acrylic one which I could laser cut, not to sell, but because I have a laser cutter and it was faster for me to do it this way than with wood, plus I've always wanted one after I saw his.

This Instructable shows how I designed my version and how it works, as well as some of the other fun I've had with it.

Step 1: Design

The pistol was laser cut from 5mm acrylic. Laser cutting it gives a beautifully polished edge so once cut, no finishing's required, just bolt it together.

Before laser cutting my prototype I drew it in the CAD package I use, Alibre Design. This let me throw together a full assembly to check all of the pieces would fit, then export them as a DXF for the laser cutter.

My design was based loosely on the one by Matthias Wandle, I changed the way I attached the rubber bands to suit laser cutting better and changed the stock. Since it didn't add any machine time I later added some flourishes to make it look fancier, like a pretend sight and some grips on the front of the stock.
<p>Cool project. I've been thinking about something like this for a while now. Glad someone did the design for me already. </p>
Thats Awesome<br>
i dont have a laser cutter........is there another way i can get the gun cut out
you could print out the template on a piece of paper, then tape it or glue it to a sheet of plywood, then cut it out with a jigsaw, or band saw if possible.
It can`t be fun playing with someone with one of those, unless you also have one
Incredible! Amazing! Astonishing! First-class! The best! I'm running out of adjectives! 5/5!<br> Win Guy
It's cool, man <br>I like it
That looks very awesome
Sometimes cheating's fun :p
it would be fun if you just hid this under the table at your house and played some jenga, and right whenever there are &quot;no more moves&quot; you just come and blast out a center piece, leaving THEM with no moves.<br><br>however, the surprise of the gun would be given away slightly by the fact that your friends would already know something was up by the way you were so intent on playing jenga....
Nice pistol.<br>I'm trying to load the autocad file and am getting the following error.<br>Unknown value &quot;AC1021&quot; encountered in drawing version.<br>Invalid or incomplete DXF input -- drawing discarded.<br>I have Autocad 2004. If you are using a newer version, could you back peddle it into 2004 format for me? Otherwise what's up?
I'll have a look tonight. If you want to try the 3d files instead of the dxf they're on my website, <a href="http://www.redtorope.com/file_downloads/jenga_pistol_2.zip">here</a>. I thought I'd already added them to the instructable, but apparently not.<br>
Arghhh stupid site deleted what I wrote and pasted in a previous comment. What I meant to say was.... <br><br>No, you don't need to take the front off, just the side panel of the slider. I played with having the bands held on with hooks but when the slider was forward they were too saggy and sometimes fell off. This way it's a little harder to change the bands, but impossible for them to fall off. I've not broken a band yet though so I don't think it's an issue.
actually, it seems to me that this comment was meant to go on the one below this one....
great idea...awesome...
@Jayeffu; Hi! Coolness! The video demo rocks :) When I saw the title, Jenga Gun, not remembering what &quot;Jenga&quot; was, I kept thinking, SO... rubber band guns are called Jenga guns, aye?<br> <br> It looks like the trigger band is threaded through one of the four slanted holes in the lower middle. Would it be easier to make them into notches, so that replacing bands is quicker? After peering mightily at your excellent pictures... is it the case you have to take off the front piece when replacing the main bands?<br> <br> Cheers! :)<br> Site
I'll have a look tonight. If you want to try the 3d files instead of the dxf they're on my website, <a href="http://www.redtorope.com/file_downloads/jenga_pistol_2.zip">here</a>. I thought I'd already added them to the instructable, but apparently not.<br>
Great innvention, really great
What a nice design, Jayefuu!
Thanks :)
totally agreed man<br>high five
I've never seen anything like this before! Great idea and a perfect make! 5* and voted!
Thanks, the original's very clever too: http://woodgears.ca/jenga_pistol/<br><br>
PHEW i thought i was gonna have another boring day of 9/11 with just regular jenga again! just in time and great for the occasion!! HAPPY 9/11 EVERYBODY
i can pull out all 3 on the bottom row with nothing but my hands.<br><br>awesome 'ible tho!
I say rotate the barrel, replace the push rod with a holder, and make a disk shooter. The disks could be made out of foam board.
Great job!
So is that a block trigger or what? Nice, build a shotgun to pull the tablecloth out from under the place settings for a royal dinner.
Most people would call it a &quot;true trigger&quot;, simply because it gets pulled as one.<br>Or, they would've in 2008.
I can't tell - is the design independent of thickness (that is, do you need to change the template if you use thicker or thinner materials)?<br>
Yes, it's independent of thickness. I thought 3mm would be too thin and 10mm takes toooooooooooo long to cut on our laser cutter.
Never would have thought of that. I have hands that shake like an addicts, so it would help me TONS. Unfortunately, i have no laser cutter. But good job anyway!
Show Off Laser Cutter You :-)<br><br>Cool Concept to the game.

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