Hello world! Today i made a clap switch with a DIY sound control module. I soldered the Sound control Module a few months ago, and today i decided to check out if it works, and it does. I had a hard time getting another value then 0 and then found a way to get 2 values. You can clap, knock, or say any word + you can blow into it.. for the last 2 you need to be close to the device. You can also use it as a shock/knock sensor. Check the next step for the schematic Code & Parts list.

For the Sound Switch Module:

Attach the Blue wire to SCL on arduino.

Attach the Yellow wire to RXD.

Attach the + to VIN.

- to ground.

Step 1: Schematic Code & Parts List.

Just connect it like the schematic, upload the code and it should work.

Parts list.

  1. Arduino uno, i used the RobotDyn Uno.
  2. KY-019 Relay module. Any other will work to, or make your own relay module.
  3. DIY Sound Switch Module. (You need to solder it yourself)
  4. 9v 1000ma AC/DC adapter
  5. Lamp socket + power cable. (optional)

Good luck!


vandenbrande made it!(author)2016-05-12

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