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Combining Arduino and other shield modules, we make a mobile phone named Arduino Phone. Meanwhile, we printed a shell for it with the 3D printer. Although it’s not such fine as you think, even a little bit clunky, it’s still very cool. That is the point this is a cell phone made by ourselves.

While, we can’t install Arduino Phone Apps limited by Arduino. So, if you want to play Angry Birds, then you need to do some big modifications on Arduino Phone. :)

Next, I will make a detailed explanation about the steps of making an Arduino Phone, including the hardware connection and software implementation.

Now, let’s begin.

PS: if you want get more infomation about Open Hardware, follow @HardwareWithYou in twitter. :)

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Step 1: Preparing stuffs

Picture of Preparing stuffs

At the very beginning, we’d better prepare the materials. Of course, most of these modules can be purchased directly, such as Arduino Uno, TFT Touch Shield and GPRS Shield.

Owning to we want to put our Arduino Phone into a 3D printed shell, and in order to adapt the size of this shell, we have to DIY a charging and discharging PCB board (including two parts) and an expansion PCB board which can connect to the headphone jack of GPRS Shield.

If you want to make a shell by yourself, you can directly take Lipo Rider, or something like this, as the charge sheet. Thus, you do not need to DIY PCB board in order to meet the size of the shell.

What you need:

1.Arduino Uno

2.TFT Touch Shield

3.GPRS Shield


5.Custom ArduinoPhone Charge Circuit (or Lipo Rider)

6.Li-po battery

7.A shell (with 3D printer)

All components at here.

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Is the chipset Android compatible? Even if it were only able to run Android 2.3 or something, that would still be awesome! How thin a device could you make with this? I would like to make an Android wrist-band GSM phone with this same 2.8" screen. Adding in GPS and WiFi would be great. Is it necessary to be Arduino-literate? Are there alternative methods to, say, flash an Android OS onto the chip with a PC?

great one;

very nice:)

zokaa1 month ago

Can i use a sainsmart 3.2 TFT for this?

torivc1 month ago

Where do i place the file? After installing the other libraries in the proper arduino library folder and restarting. I'm getting this error:

'Tft' was not declared in this scope
Pls let me know what i'm missing. Great project. Btw

johnsonpaul2 months ago


victordoes2 months ago

This gives some ideas to other projects! Thanks and nice work! :)

arpetekci2 months ago

It is very great project.

I want to make a your project but dont understand codes.

If the next sentence description of your code if you could write?

arNa822 months ago

very nice! you could add a camera... there are 5 MP camera modules around at $25.99

DylanR1 made it!2 months ago

Thanks for the instructions and code! I modified this project just a little bit. I used the same hardware and integrated it with an old rotary phone. It's the world's first rotary cell phone! See my blog entry about the creation here:

GrahamAbbey2 months ago

what a change..

GrahamAbbey2 months ago

what a change..

hitech4442 months ago

Could you make available the 3D printer files for the "box"?

Hey Buddy.. I absolutely love and appreciated this project you've come up with.

I've used and Arduino UNO rev3 and stacked the GPRS shield v2.0 (By seeedstudio). Everything else is exactly the same way you have shown.

I connect the UNO, it is bring recognized, I upload the code, it gets successfully completed. But for some reason, I always get a constant blank TFT screen instead of a menu..

Any help please ???

I am getting the same problem as well, I have updated the software from Seeed Studio's site and it is still blank and not working at all. Does the ENTIRE circuit need to be complete or can you and everyone else still get the interface and UI regardless?

use the good library, you probably have the v2 of the TFT, just get them from seeed studio site and replace.

A. J.K3 months ago

The code will not upload at all, as is! I get expected primary expression before "." token type of error.

crisyumen3 months ago

wow..! can i have this ? anyone have pdf file of this or anyone can share me this one. for my project using arduino ? pls help me..

SiddheshA3 months ago

Can you please send me the Arduino code needed for this?

Silent_Shadow3 months ago
Pretty damn impressive.
masterloops4 months ago

Pretty geeky stuff this

KanwarSingh4 months ago

just one word beautiful :)!!!!!!!!

HarryLaine5 months ago

awesome work buddy .........keep it up :)

indiadumbells5 months ago


chatsbk0075 months ago

why not try putting some user friendly and low hardware OS like symbian 40 in the phone....The casing of the phone can be improved......



Xylit0l made it!9 months ago

here is mine.

23-03-2014 15-08-49.jpg

nice !

loovee Xylit0l6 months ago

wow... look great!!!

miniscientist5 months ago

coolllll :)))

Briandeano6 months ago

loving this

mp4movies6 months ago

Nice Share

Arghus1 year ago
although a really nice project i fail to really see the need for something like that especially for how low cost some phones are ..
DesertAz Arghus6 months ago

It's a phone that you can add on to the program, add new hardware, and design it how you need it. You could put a Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, and add to the program, and then you would not just have a phone! You'd have a Ultrasonic Tape Measure too!

Arghus DesertAz6 months ago

isn't there an app for that? :)

Some projects are not about cost.
DesertAz6 months ago

Just for confirmation, this does make voice calls right?

Amazing project! But can you use any SIM card? Like from a pay-as-you-go phone?
xiaobo__ (author)  the45furnace1 year ago
Sorry, I don't understand what is "pay-as-you-go phone", :(. But, i use a unlock GPRS sim card.
DesertAz xiaobo__6 months ago

I think he means something like a Tracfone, and i have been wondering this too...

robot7971 year ago
is there a clean version of this code

striped of all touch screen and tft abileties
only real buttons and a lcd screen

i cant seem to filter all that stuff out

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