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Combining Arduino and other shield modules, we make a mobile phone named Arduino Phone. Meanwhile, we printed a shell for it with the 3D printer. Although it’s not such fine as you think, even a little bit clunky, it’s still very cool. That is the point this is a cell phone made by ourselves.

While, we can’t install Arduino Phone Apps limited by Arduino. So, if you want to play Angry Birds, then you need to do some big modifications on Arduino Phone. :)

Next, I will make a detailed explanation about the steps of making an Arduino Phone, including the hardware connection and software implementation.

Now, let’s begin.

Step 1: Preparing stuffs

At the very beginning, we’d better prepare the materials. Of course, most of these modules can be purchased directly, such as Arduino Uno, TFT Touch Shield and GPRS Shield.

Owning to we want to put our Arduino Phone into a 3D printed shell, and in order to adapt the size of this shell, we have to DIY a charging and discharging PCB board (including two parts) and an expansion PCB board which can connect to the headphone jack of GPRS Shield.

If you want to make a shell by yourself, you can directly take Lipo Rider, or something like this, as the charge sheet. Thus, you do not need to DIY PCB board in order to meet the size of the shell.

What you need:

1.Arduino Uno

2.TFT Touch Shield

3.GPRS Shield


5.Custom ArduinoPhone Charge Circuit (or Lipo Rider)

6.Li-po battery

7.A shell (with 3D printer)

All components at here.

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<p>Great work</p>
<p>i like your work</p>
<p>Hi,i did everything clearly but,i cannot communicate with phone(sending sms or making call).Here is my case:my GSM Module which i used is different from which used in above project.So i firstly connected the tft screen and then soldered the Rx of GSM Module to D0,Tx of GSM Module to D1 and GND of GSM Module to GND of Arduino but as i said although the screen works,i can't communicate.Please help me...</p>
<p>When are the RePhone kits going to start to ship?</p>
<p>Hi, so a friend and I are making this phone for a school project and you laying it out like this is amazing, but we were stuck at the point where we have the screen display but the phone won't call or send messages or receive them and we do not know why! We uploaded the first code but the last step of the uploading won't work for us! PLEASE HELP we have been working on this project for quite a while and really want to see the finished product. Please emailmail me if you can we would appreciate it so much rosey.engler@gmail.com</p>
Do you have a circuit diagram for this ?,
<p>perfect (y)</p>
<p>Thanks man, I am glad that you like it. </p>
<p>I am going to maker the v2.0 version. may publish 2 weeks later. this function will use Lipo rider for the power, and support Solar charge. </p>
<p>Do I need a 2g Sim can only?</p>
<p>I didn't have a try, but I think if your card has the capability of making a phone call, it's ok. </p>
<p>Help! I'm pretty novice in all of this. I usually just upload sketch code in Arduino IDE. When I get to Github, it's all confusing to me. What code do I copy paste and in what order? There are seven or so different files. Any chance someone can e-mail me the entire code or direct me in what to do? I have all my supplies but I'm really stuck now:( Any help is much appreciated.:) crosbiematt@yahoo.com</p>
<p>Hi, I am sorry that I didn't make it clear in the Instructable, and I had updated it minutes ago. Please refer to Step3. Thanks. </p>
<p>It worked great! Thanks so much</p>
<p>Have fun! Could you please make a &lt;I Make it&gt; when it's finished. Thanks.</p>
<p>Very nice work...</p>
I am glad that you like it, thank you very much.
<p>Thanks for pulling the code for the v2 inside github.<br>Do you plan do fix the 3D shell for the seeed studio parts also ?<br>lipo rider, battery can't fit inside.</p>
That's a good suggestion, will consider about it. Thanks.
<p>One more Question:</p><p>Is it a problem if the Sim Card is code locked?</p>
<p>yep, you need a non-locked sim card. </p>
<p>Can me pls someone tell me or send me the Code for the TFT 2.0v ?!</p><p>Thx</p>
That's my pleasure, have fun!
Hi, sorry for the delay reply, was busy this few days. :). The code in github in based on TFTv1, as well as the code, you need to down TFT V2 library, and put into the libraries folder. and the code need to be modified. some function name is not the same as V1. I am planing to update it to V2 a few days later.
<p>Would be very nice if you could do it as fast as possible, because i really need this for school :D</p>
<p>Code had been updated, not it's default to TFT v2. https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/ArduinoPhone</p>
<p>THANK YOU SO MUCH !! :)</p>
<p>A bit difficult for me, but it is a good idea!</p>
<p>Actually, it's not that hard. You can make it.</p>
<p>This is very coooool!!!</p>
<p>Thanks :)</p>
<p>Hey,</p><p>can you guys tell me, how i connect the groove rtc with the arduino,</p><p>because there is no pin at the arduino.</p><p>second the code will always give me a error.</p><p>What do i have to do ?</p>
<p>Hi, I am sorry that I didn't make it clear in the instructable, </p><p>A4-&gt;SDA, A5-&gt;SCA. </p>
<p>OK,</p><p>but sry to say that i dont really know all these short things what means </p><p>SDA, SCA?</p><p>And do you know why nothing happens on the TFT shield when i put it on power?</p><p>The Code is uploaded.</p>
<p>Hi, for the board base on Atmega328, SDA/SCL is the same pin as A4/A5.</p><p>What's the version of your TFT Shield. For version 2.0, there's something in the code need to be modify. </p>
<p>HI,</p><p>OK thanks.</p><p>Yes it is 2.0.What do i have to do?</p>
<p>hi, you need to solder it to the i2c pin, and vcc, gnd. because there's no grove connector on Arduino.</p>
<p>can you also help me with the code?</p><p>do i have to connect all that stuff first? or can i just load it onto the arduino?</p><p>and do i have do have the sim card in before? cause i dont have one yet</p>
<p>Hi, actually it's no important about the order, you can connect the stuff first or load the code first. </p>
<p>hi,</p><p>which one is the i2c pin? is it analog in? a0 - a5?</p><p>and when does something happen on the tft?</p><p>i loaded the code but nothing happend.</p><p>do i have to connect everything first? because i only conected the gprs arduino and tft</p>
<p>Can someone tell me which pins we have to plug the RTC and the power jack into and if we have to use jumper wires. If not, please tell me which wire to use.</p><p>And another thing, what is the size of the space left for the TFT touch shield on the original ArduinoPhine 3D Shell? ( stl files found on github)</p><p>Thanks, Samyak</p>
Deez nuts, gotti

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