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Combining Arduino and other shield modules, we make a mobile phone named Arduino Phone. Meanwhile, we printed a shell for it with the 3D printer. Although it’s not such fine as you think, even a little bit clunky, it’s still very cool. That is the point this is a cell phone made by ourselves.

While, we can’t install Arduino Phone Apps limited by Arduino. So, if you want to play Angry Birds, then you need to do some big modifications on Arduino Phone. :)

Next, I will make a detailed explanation about the steps of making an Arduino Phone, including the hardware connection and software implementation.

Now, let’s begin.

PS: if you want get more infomation about Open Hardware,  follow @HardwareWithYou in twitter. :)
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Step 1: Preparing stuffs

Picture of Preparing stuffs
At the very beginning, we’d better prepare the materials. Of course, most of these modules can be purchased directly, such as Arduino Uno, TFT Touch Shield and GPRS Shield.

Owning to we want to put our Arduino Phone into a 3D printed shell, and in order to adapt the size of this shell, we have to DIY a charging and discharging PCB board (including two parts) and an expansion PCB board which can connect to the headphone jack of GPRS Shield.

If you want to make a shell by yourself, you can directly take Lipo Rider, or something like this, as the charge sheet. Thus, you do not need to DIY PCB board in order to meet the size of the shell.

What you need:

1.Arduino Uno

2.TFT Touch Shield

3.GPRS Shield


5.Custom ArduinoPhone Charge Circuit (or Lipo Rider)

6.Li-po battery

7.A shell (with 3D printer)

All components at here.

Towtow107 days ago

Could Someone please tell me were i download the shell case to print and the dimensions to print it.

wliu313 days ago

Will it be better if you use an arduino pro mini?

can u use a re-chargeable battery? if u can plz tell me how and btw great project

Naw, an electrochemical cell emf would be too palpable for a situation like this. Especially since it was depicted in the documentation that you would need some sort of electrical accumulator similar to the one shown in the picture. I like your idea about the new ios, let me know when your done with it!

Xylit0l made it!25 days ago

here is mine.

23-03-2014 15-08-49.jpg
spanigrahi16 months ago
Hey Buddy.. I absolutely love and appreciated this project you've come up with.

I've used and Arduino UNO rev3 and stacked the GPRS shield v2.0 (By seeedstudio). Everything else is exactly the same way you have shown.

I connect the UNO, it is bring recognized, I upload the code, it gets successfully completed. But for some reason, I always get a constant blank TFT screen instead of a menu..

Any help please ???

use the good library, you probably have the v2 of the TFT, just get them from seeed studio site and replace.

is there any soldering involved?
what is the code programed in
PowerLion12 months ago

With the popularity of Google Voice, someone should make this using a WiFi module for WiFi calling!

xiaobo__ (author)  PowerLion12 months ago
i no how to make it better. u should make an os like ios and put that on there instead of just calling and texting :)
robot7973 months ago
is there a clean version of this code

striped of all touch screen and tft abileties
only real buttons and a lcd screen

i cant seem to filter all that stuff out

is there a more defined version on where i would connect all the wires i see connected on the board?
robot7974 months ago
can this thing make voice calls

if so i have a great idee
skaar5 months ago
if the antenna could be mounted to the side, so it flips into a slot, that'd be cool. would work fine near a cell tower, need more bars, flip it out. i've been looking at some hammond cases, interesting options... perhaps a thin, tough sheet of plastic over the screen to make it water resistant?
jackrm1109 months ago
This is fantastic! I've heard of Arduino before but have never tried it due to lack of knowledge on electronics. I hope this isn't a stupid question, but do you still need a provider like Verizon or AT&T to actually make calls? Thanks!
Yes, hence the SIM card to authenticate to a carrier for send/receive. Check with your carrier first about GSM or CDMA connectivity. This ible is GSM.
skaar ToolboxGuy5 months ago
my last cell used tdma :P
Or just go and buy a burn phone. So as to not affect your real phone account.
skaar5 months ago
i'd say, use an arduino mini and a mikrobus click based gsm module, they could be side by side, making a much thinner device.
some_nutcase6 months ago
Great project-
Two questions-
Looking over the wikis for the TFT shield and the GSM shield, it appears that the D7 output of the Arduino connects to both the backlight control of the LCD and the RX serial port pin of the GPRS module. How is this handled?

When is your 2.0 version due to be released?
haven't looked yet, but... what about the cs line?
holidayv6 months ago
if you REALLY want to reduce bulk, use the tinyduino and shields
Gawron8 months ago
How fast does the chip (arduino) works? Is it possible to make it work faster with out external oscillator?
xiaobo__ (author)  Gawron8 months ago
without external oscillator? It's arduino, so.... You just need a more powerful chip than arduino.
gerrynz xiaobo__6 months ago
Sorry if this seems a bit dedantic, but it is a common misunderstanding. Arduino is not a "chip" It is a collection of PCBs that use some of the smaller ATMEL AVR micro-controller family chips. This saves you the trouble of designing and building your own board to take the ATMEL chip. Arduino also burn a boot loader program into the ATMEL chip to work with their development environment to allow a beginner to learn some programming skills when using their boards. There is no Arduino chip as such. GK
gerrynz gerrynz6 months ago
oops, I meant pedantic. :--)
badview087 months ago
What's the battery life on this beauty? The more and more that I look into these chips the more and more I get excited for the potential applications for them around my house.
xiaobo__ (author)  badview087 months ago
The battery may be can work about 30-60minutes.....
Would reperping a used cell bat or using a larger LI-ion array increase the duration of the operation time without increasing the size of the device?
Milek0018 months ago
Great project.Do you have src for LCD ILI9325 controller?
krille158 months ago
Can´t I use a Arduino pro mini or something like that to make it smaller???
xiaobo__ (author)  krille158 months ago
If all the hardware is small..
xiaobo nice Arduino Phone thats gonna The future Phone without company because this Arduino Phone its gonna make all Phone Companies go down
doncrush8 months ago
What is an "unlocked SIM" card? I understand an unlocked phone, but not sure what the term unlocked means for a SIM card?
xiaobo__ (author)  doncrush8 months ago
I mean the SIM card is free.You can use it freely.
doncrush xiaobo__8 months ago
Has anyone been able to use a Tmobile SIM card? I don't know how to tell if its unlocked. I know that Tmobile allows you to use non Tmobile phones with their service.
Arghus8 months ago
although a really nice project i fail to really see the need for something like that especially for how low cost some phones are ..
Some projects are not about cost.

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