Step 6: Future Designs

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Some problems are that the device gets pretty sweaty, it is hard to load and unload because you need to open the entire thing, and the end pointing towards your elbow does not have a sharp cutoff, meaning that the ants love to wedge themselves in the smaller and smaller space between your arm and the lid. Anyone have good ideas to make it not soo sweaty and more secure?

I was thinking of having it attach to your arm via a breathable diaphram on both sides that would tighten around your arm for a smooth fit instead of just carving the rigid ends to fit.

I noticed slight red marks on your arm maybe foam meshes at both ends could help air it out and smearing hot glue on the foam to keep it from sliding around

I'm goning to go to school wearing a long sleeve shirt and act casual bout it and only when someone asks "What's that in your sleeve?" respond with "ANTS"

hahaha great suggestion!
jkoepke3 years ago
This project freaks me out because the ants are next to your skin. Any ideas on how to make something like this without the skin to ant contact? I'm sure you could add a second bank tube into the device somehow. Otherwise I'm all for cuff like devices.
Ants aren't really that bad then wont kill you nor hurt you unless you piss them off, some very and some will be cool being trapped next to some ones arm
you should probably put holes at the top an put a thin fabric mesh and for the skin contact part you should put a foam arm band and put sand above it for the ants please don't be negative if you don't like this
How was that negative? I just don't like the idea of ants on my bare skin and was wondering if I could contribute a fix to that problem. Otherwise I think this is a cool project.
AphexHenry3 years ago
So inspiring!