This is a new version on an old puzzle.  Invented by Sam Loyd 1841-1911.  The puzzle is placed on a buttonhole and seems impossible to remove.  This is where the term buttonholed (to get someone's attention) came from.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need strong string and a piece of pipe.
I used para cord and some copper pipe 1/4 O.D. x 5/32 I.D.
The main thing is to pick something small enough to fit thru a buttonhole.
Something to cut the para cord.  A hot knife would work best, I used the knife on the Multi-tool.
Something to fuse the ends of the para cord.  I used a lighter and a candle.
Something to cut the pipe.  A pipe cutter or hacksaw.  I used the saw on the Multi-tool.
Something to smooth the pipe, after cutting.  I used the file on the Mulit-tool and fine sandpaper.
Something to crimp (Smash) the pipe.  Pliers, hammer, press, clamp whatever, not your teeth. 
<p>Cool. In my opinion, this is very simple to undo. Maybe I am just special...</p>
<p>Some people are special. Some will be able to solve it right away, some will not. It is very simple to undo. I think the simplicity is what makes it so cool. Also knowing the solution makes it easy.</p><p>Thanks for you comment.</p>
Thanks for the comment. It is funny how a simple gadget can have such great memories attached to it. Enjoy making memories for your friends and families
<p>I haven't seen one of these in years!! My earliest recollection was my grand dad made one &amp; stuck it on me.. I'm 62 so go figure.. musta been the late 50's early 60's. </p><p>Thanks for bringing these to the front again.. Now I have to make a handful of them. </p><p>Thanks for the 'ible &amp; the memories..</p><p>..FN..</p>
This reminds me of my granddad. He used to make these for us out of wood and some nylon cord when we were young. I miss him.
Perfect for April Fool's Day! Making one to put on my dad's shirt one day! :D
This is great, thank you! The only copper that I was slightly thicker than I would have liked, so I folded it in half (which took quite some time) but it makes for a good effect and works well. Thanks for introducing me to this - great instructable!
I'm an Archer and and still use old fashioned aluminum arrows. when one breaks or bends I get an arrow pen (just pull out the ink stick from a pull off cap bic pen and jam it in the end of a cut off arrow) and use the rest to make a few of these <br> <br>just another idea for sourcing tube
Good idea. You make me feel old.....I used wood arrows.
I have wood ones for my recurve :) i like fletching arrows myself with feathers. I'm not so keen on these new tiny carbon fiber arrows with rubber feathers. I like a little wight behind mine.<br><br>I made one of your puzzles and i was really funny to see how easily my friends got frustrated
Awesome instructable. I made one from it. Good work :)
Thanks. They make great stocking stuffers. And there is still time before xmas.
I love this puzzle, it is clever and cheap. i think i will make some for friends and relatives for christmas gifts! Great 'ible
They are very cheap, but I think saying inexpensive sounds better, especially if you are giving them as gifts. The first time I was shown one of these, it was a gift. Even though I have made many since, I still have the one that was presented to me.<br><br>Thanks for the comment,<br><br>Charles
This a excellent project and well laid out ible<br><br>slightly on topic, What brand of multi-tool is shown in step 7?
Thanks for the Comment.<br><br>The multi-tool is a blacked-out Leatherman Charge. My favorite of many different multi-tools that I own. Black looks cool but if you drop it in the woods, it is very hard to find.
Kewl! I think I might find a different use for this but I can't think of one right this minute but when I do I will make a comment here! Thanks for sharing!<br>Sunshiine
Sorry for the double reply. My computer was acting strange, and I didn't think the first one worked.
Etch your name and number on it and take it to a job interview. Attach it to the interviewer's shirt. Tell them to give you a call.<br><br>Make a pen version. If someone asks what is sticking out of the top of your pen, there is your chance to puzzle someone.<br><br>Let me know what you come up with,<br><br>Thanks for the comment,<br><br>Charles
Etch your name and number on it. Take it to a job interview. Put it on the interviewers shirt. Tell him you'll be expecting a call.<br><br>Put an ink cartridge into it, and always have something to write with.<br><br>Cheap enough to give to friends and strangers.<br><br>Let me know what you come up with,<br><br>Charles
Amazing! I just picked up a foot of pipe to try this. I'll let you know how it turns out, but I probably won't be able to show you a picture because my camera is defunct... Maybe I'll be able to make a photocopy, though.<br><br> Well done 'ible! Great job.<br><br> Win Guy
Good luck with the puzzle and good luck with the camera.<br><br>Thanks for the comment,<br><br>Charles
&nbsp; Charles ~<br> &nbsp;I just made one! I think I should have made it a little longer, though. Nevertheless, I tested it and it <em>does</em> work and baffles everyone, every time! There should be a picture below, I ended up photocopying it.<br> &nbsp;Cheers!<br> <br> &nbsp; Win Guy
Thanks for the comment. You might have a good thing there with the photocopier, that's a cool effect. Looks kind of religious.<br><br>Have fun,<br><br>Charles
I recall seeing this as a kid about thirty-five years ago, i'm going to see if my dad remembers &quot;locking&quot; it to my shirt. Took two days and i couldn't figure it out. Good times with the dad.
This puzzle has been around, in one form or another, for ages. Good luck making one for yourself.<br>Thanks for the comment.
This is fantastic, i have got to try this one. Thanks, great Instructable.
I can see where this might become a great 'parlor game' for single guys. While at a party, put this on the shirt you're wearing. Then ask girls to try to remove it. You'll get them to stand very close to you for a while with their hands against your chest. What an icebreaker!
The single guy could put it on the shirt of a girl that he wants to talk to. You could carry it anywhere, because it's pocket sized. It's a good icebreaker or a way to liven up a conversation. Wait for a lull and then ask, &quot;Have you ever seen the Amazing Buttonhole Puzzle?&quot;<br>Thanks for the reply.
This is great!

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