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I heard on the radio that macaroons were going to be the new hip food this decade. The following recipe is so much more than the sum of its ingredients. These toasty chewy gooey cookies take only a few minutes to prepare and they are staggeringly delicious.

I can only assume that the macaroon's future as "cookie of the decade" will be enhanced with all sorts of extra flavors like pineapple, candied ginger, peppermint bits, who knows? I like them just the way they are.

I have based this recipe on one from the back of a bag of coconut I once bought .

Step 1: What You Will Need:

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1 14 oz. bag of Sweetened Coconut
1 14 oz. Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 tsp Vanilla
1 pinch (1/8 tsp) Salt (preferably kosher)

A scoop (like an ice cream scoop but smaller, or use a spoon with the deepest "spoony" part you can find.
Mixing bowl 
Mixing spoon
Cookie sheet - buttered or use a "Silpat" (a silicon coated non stick cooking mat (I have had mine for about 15 years so it's a good thing to own.)

Step 2: Mix

Picture of Mix

That is what the bowl and spoon are for.

The difference between a mixture and a compound is that a mixture is like this macaroon which will never become its ingredients again, unlike a compound witch will go back (with some help) to the things which made it up. This recipe is so simple I had to throw some high school science in. 

Step 3: Pick a Scoop

Picture of Pick a Scoop


Step 4: Scoop and Smoosh

Picture of Scoop and Smoosh

The trick here is to get as much stuff sticking out of the scoop as what's in it.  As you fill the spoon part of the scoop, bring it to the side of the bowl and smoosh it against the side making sure it looks like a mess. The mess sticking out from the edges is what will get toasty/crunchy. Mmmmm.

Step 5: Bake

Picture of Bake

About 20 minutes (those are American minutes, you can google to convert to your country's minutes).

Step 6: Where to Cook

Picture of Where to Cook

Place cookies in the top third of your oven but keep your eye on them after about 10 minutes (half way) and if they are getting too brown move them to the middle shelf. Where you cook things in your oven makes a huge difference and sometimes you have to change levels. Never put two trays of cookies of any kind in your oven if it is not a convection oven as the uneven distribution of heat will make one batch burn (baby burn).

Step 7: Done

Picture of Done


Step 8: Wait 'til They Are Cool and Peel Off Cookie Sheet.

Picture of Wait 'til They Are Cool and Peel Off Cookie Sheet.


Step 9: Texture

Picture of Texture

Eat them now or put them in the fridge, they don't keep long because they are so scrumptious. Don't forget to rate this 'ible.


fostermoody (author)2013-06-11

I tried these and they were really tasty, but they seemed a lot more 'melty' than what you have pictured here. Mine flattened out and into one another quite a bit.

Ninzerbean (author)fostermoody2013-06-12

Did your batter look at thick as mine? Did you use 14 oz. of coconut? Something was amiss, because they really don't change shape from when you put them on the pan. Will you check everything and let me know?

fostermoody (author)Ninzerbean2013-06-12

My batter looked pretty much the same, but I couldn't find a 14-oz can of condensed milk, just 300 mL (about 10 fl-oz), so I only used about 300g of coconut. Guess I'll try using more next time.

Ninzerbean (author)fostermoody2013-06-12

Well I did the math and that should have worked out - by any chance did you use dried desiccated coconut? I've seen it in some speciality stores and it's unsweetened and only a fraction of the size of Angel Flake coconut. It looks more like fine white bread crumbs than big 3/4" size flakes of coconut. If that is the case, and let me know if it is, then even if you added more I don't think you will get the same results as mine. You might end up with something good, really good even, they just won't look like mine.

fostermoody (author)Ninzerbean2013-06-12

No, I just used regular 'sweetened shredded coconut'. I will keep trying, and let you know how things go. Either way, they're delicious!

Ninzerbean (author)fostermoody2013-06-13

Maybe it's a volume/weight thing then, the volume of the scm is 14 oz. The weight of the bag of coconut is 14 oz. Could that be it? Maybe your scm was labeled as weight? Oh wait - your first message to me says you used condensed milk, that is a whole different animal, and it's very thin, like half and half. Sweetened Condensed Milk is as thick as honey. Could that be it?

I may have another answer to this question. I just watched a sweetened condensed milk comparison on "America's Test Kitchen." They made flan rather than macaroons, but Meadow Gold completely failed, Parrot brand came in last and Eagle Brand and Carnation tied for performance. One was said to have a more caramel overtones straight up but that it was not apparent in the finished product.

They are based in Vermont and some of their "readily available" products aren't found in my part of the States, but the test indicated that "not all brands are created equal."

Very good idea - I had no idea. Because at one time I thought I was going to be the queen of macaroons, I used every brand of SCM to see what the differences were, in tasting the raw stuff there was some difference, the more expensive brands won. But I had no idea there could be a thickness differece too, thank you for sharing.

meyzellina (author)2013-12-19

oh yeah my favorite cookies.. made theme at our kitchen on this rainy day.. nyummyy!! :)

Ninzerbean (author)meyzellina2013-12-20

Great! Thanks for letting me know. They are so quick to make that they make for a great gift too.

SIRJAMES09 (author)2013-12-16

macaroons have always been one of my favourite cookies....
there are 2 or 3 that are made in Mexico by the locals that have caught my fancy as well...can'y remember the names tho....darn it.

TY for sharing this recipe, I just know how delicious they will be when I make them

Ninzerbean (author)SIRJAMES092013-12-17

Thank you!

SIRJAMES09 (author)2013-12-16

them muffins look delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know what I'm gonna do next time I make them... 8 P

jakyo (author)2012-04-02

Gonna make these ! they look scrummy ,and simple too *** nice one ;-D

Darla JZ (author)2010-03-30

These are EXCELLENT!
Haven't cooled yet..but I "sampled" a smidge...VERY, VERY GOOD

I was skeptical because of the simplicity, but I am a believer now.

Ever try them dipped in chocolate? next version.

Thank you!

nettyo1 (author)Darla JZ2011-11-26

these were great dipped in chocolate. My niece had a choc. fountain at her wedding and one of the things to dip were the macaroon cookies and trust me the first thing to clear off the plates!!!!

Lance Mt. (author)Darla JZ2010-08-05

Chocolate? I don't know... but. I am quite interested. Post back and tell us how they go! =D

Ninzerbean (author)Darla JZ2010-03-30

 Yup! I was skeptical too the first time so I understand. They are simply better than the sum of their parts, enjoy!

komies (author)2011-04-16

I made these the other day as soon as I got the 'ible in my email- they were absolutely delicious. I used a silpat and didn't move them until fully cool, and only had minimal issues with sticking even though I used a low-fat sweeteneded condensed milk. My main issue was that spoon-balling them didn't get them compressed enough to be properly dense; now that I've picked up a cookie scoop like yours (where on earth did mine go? Did you take it? you were making macaroons so I forgive you) I'm going to try my hand at another batch. Will post my results! Thanks for the awesomely delicious 'ible. I'm glad to have another recipe in my repertoire that's simple enough that I can share it with friends without toting my recipe book everywhere.

Ninzerbean (author)komies2011-04-17

I have made over 16 dozen in the last three days (requests from friends for Passover) and the latest batch which are in the oven as I write this have Craisins in them - those sweetened dried cranberries. I think they will be good though this is my first time trying them. Mostly I have been making them with about 1/3 cup of chopped fresh ginger and a tablespoon of white pepper and they are really great. I am glad you tried making them, the cookie scoop will make a world of difference and be sure to let lots of strands hang out on all sides. Sometimes I just slab a bunch of bater down on the pan and make a giant cookie but it's not as good as a small cookie - and I have decided that the baby size scoop gives the best ratio of gooey and crisp. Thanks for writing!

amishskate (author)2010-03-21

I got tricked by the Macaron/Macaroon confusion.
I saw a story about Macaroons being the next big thing and I thought “Awesome” I love Macaroons. Then all the pictures in the story were of these little Oreo looking things. They taste ok but are not as awsome as Macaroons.

Ninzerbean (author)amishskate2010-03-22

 Yep, I mean like what do the French know about food? I'm kinda kidding here of course, but in the case of Marcarons vs Macaroons, we win.

Hummingbird (author)Ninzerbean2011-02-20

You need to try macaron from the south of France before you decide ;)
They are more rustic and hearty than the Parisian ones, and they don't look like colourful Oreos.

Ninzerbean (author)Hummingbird2011-02-20

OK, thank you for letting me know, I don't like the ones that stick to my teeth.

sallyann (author)2011-01-03

love this post! these remind me of the best macaroons i've ever had. i was visiting my sister in new york city and went to a coffee shop that had macaroons from danny macaroons that were absolutely to die for! i have dreamed about them many times :) can't wait to try these though...thanks for posting!

Ninzerbean (author)sallyann2011-01-04

After you make them let me know if they are the same sort of. I went to all the places listed online that sell Danny's and tried to check out the price, they seem to be either a dollar or two. A lot of my friends made these to give out this Christmas and I got rave reviews, best cookie ever etc.

deewoz (author)2010-09-05

So I am taking this night class at grad school and the professor wanted us to bring in snacks for our classmates. I was wondering what I could make the night before and would be super simple and cheap and you have answered my prayers. Haha. A plus, is that a friend of mine is in the class has a gluten allergy so she ends up passing up on most delicious homemade treats so I cannot wait to bring this in. :)

Ninzerbean (author)deewoz2010-09-05

I just made them the night before last and added a small can of drained (well) crushed pineapple, everyone said they were the best cookies in the world but actually I like them plain better. Thanks for commenting.

Barramundi (author)2010-08-20

American minutes?

Ninzerbean (author)Barramundi2010-08-20

Lots of people convert measurements on their Instructables... I think you are the only reader to notice. I have been laughing for months, laughing at my own jokes is only one of my very many faults - that's a quote from Former Husband.

laxap (author)2010-06-03

Extremely cool oven button (on step 5)!!!

And, oven kept very tidy!!

Oh, and great recipe!

Ninzerbean (author)laxap2010-06-03

I used to hate my oven, finally I bite the proverbial bullet and bought a new one and I do love it. It's a Wolf. It's not really very clean because I cooked sweet potatoes one too many times and the juice ate away the bottom enamel coating so I can't even clean it anymore. But thank you.

Jayefuu (author)2010-05-24

They're in the oven! I didn't have a baking sheet so I used a silicone cupcake tray. And I didn't have a scoop so I just piled it in. And you were quite insistent on the smooshing so I did some of that too. Quite a bit of the mixture got diverted to mah belleh on the way to the tin...

Will report back with how they are in 20 minutes! :D

Jayefuu (author)Jayefuu2010-05-24

Ninzerbean (author)Jayefuu2010-05-24

 Wow, a whole new concept Macar-rmuffins! Do they taste as good as they look?

Jayefuu (author)Ninzerbean2010-05-24

Yes they were really good! If not a little big. Pretty cheap too! 2.5GBP in the end to make 14 (2 more in a little pan)

Prfesser (author)2010-03-24

Tried these macaroons last night.  Ate too many.  Took some to the neighbors.  They ate too many, too. :-)  Made 'em with fat-free condensed milk and they were still great!

Fabulous recipe!  Only problem I had was that they stuck badly to the (brand-new, silicone-treated) cookie sheet even after heavily spraying with PAM.  I'll try parchment paper next time.

Thanks a zillion!

Ninzerbean (author)Prfesser2010-03-24

I believe the reason they stuck was because there was no fat in your fat-free condensed milk! That is so strange about the PAM though, I have to tell you that parchment paper wont be any better, is there any chance you used the wrong side of the Silpat? Did you let them cool? Mine just lift off. Sorry you got so full - I know the feeling, you keep saying "just one more..." been there, done that. Thanks a zillion for the feedback.

ShadowJesus (author)2010-03-22

I've had these before, and they were amazing:]
can't remember the recipe, so thank you :D

Ninzerbean (author)ShadowJesus2010-03-23

 You are most welcome.

the rural independent (author)2010-03-21

UGGHH!  One of my all-time favorites and now I know how to make my own.


If anyone is ever in the Utica, NY area and loves a great macaroon, then Holland Farms Dairy Store is a must stop for  you.  We used to live within walking distance and let me tell you, it was a killer place to get macaroons.

Thanks for sharing this great recipe and love your informal style!!

porcupinemamma (author)2010-03-21

Really fab. Instructable!  Thanks for sharing

=SMART= (author)2010-03-21


i completely forgot about them !! a farm shop near me does some fantastic ones !

Prfesser (author)2010-03-19

Those look and sound great!  I've tried making macaroons in the past and they were lousy.  These look much better and I will give them a try.

BTW a mixture *can* be separated, at least theoretically, by physical means, i.e., you could pick out the bits of coconut, etc.  A compound can only be separated by chemical means, i.e., by chemical reactions.  In practice, though, it is usually much easier to separate a compound into its elements than it is to separate a mixture....

Best-- prfesser (science teacher for 28+ years now... :-))

spraynard (author)Prfesser2010-03-20

I would imagine that a centrifuge could remove the condensed milk from the surface of the coconut, but there would be no way to separate the vanilla and salt out of the milk, so technically it would still be partially mixed.  Besides, why would you want to separate it anyway since it will ultimately become delicious, gooey macaroons?  (_8(l) 

Ninzerbean (author)spraynard2010-03-21

 Good point.

Ninzerbean (author)Prfesser2010-03-19


DainiusGB (author)2010-03-21

 I think im really gonna have to make these!

diy-guitar-guy (author)2010-03-20

or the traditional version. a potato and iceing sugar. mash the spud up and keep adding the sugar till it lookes right the make it into small balls and dip them in chocolate then coconut

Creativeman (author)2010-03-20

Looks simply awesome, Ninzerbean!  Good job! Cman

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