Picture of Basics of MIG Welding
Welding is the process of joining metal together structurally.  For a fantastic instructable that is a very in-depth look at the theory, details and safety about MIG welding, read noahw's How to Weld - MIG Welding.  

This instructable is focused on the steps to perform regarding the equipment for welding.  It assumes that the machine has enough air, the wire is threaded and that all safety is accounted for.  It also assumes you have set up your components to weld.

I made this at TechShop Detroit (www.techshop.ws).
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Step 1: Move Fume Extractor Over Welding Area

Picture of Move Fume Extractor Over Welding Area
Move the fume extractor, if available, over your welding area and turn on.  It will automatically start when it detects fumes to extract.  There is also a light that can be independently used.

Step 2: Attach Ground Clamp

Picture of Attach Ground Clamp
The ground clamp is required and can be attached to any metal surface that can provide an adequate ground.  In this case, the welding setup table is used.

Step 3: Ensure Adjusting Screw is Loose

Picture of Ensure Adjusting Screw is Loose
The gas cylinder connected to the welding unit has the following general appearance.  The adjusting screw is labeled in the picture.

Step 4: Open Cylinder using Handwheel

Picture of Open Cylinder using Handwheel
Open the cylinder handwheel ensuring that your hand is around the wheel and not above it.  This is in case there is a deficiency and the components are released under high pressure.  As well, ensure that you are standing opposite the regulator apparatus.

When you fully open the cylinder handwheel you will notice that the cylinder pressure gauge changes from 0 to a value, the maximum of which is 2500 PSI.  In this case the pressure is a little over 1000 PSI, enough to weld.

Step 5: Turn Adjusting Screw

Picture of Turn Adjusting Screw
IMG_1562 - Copy.JPG
Gently turn the adjusting screw clockwise until the needle on the gauge reaches 10-15 CFH.

AdeelR16 days ago

Great Article, giving deep insight about MIG welding process and its equipment. I urge newbies to this article. Also grab some useful knowledge about TIG welding basics, its equipment and working techniques.


Prabhud16 months ago

what do you meanby cfh

10 to 15 cfh of c25 is a bit on the low side. most welders run best around 25-35 cfh of c25. if you want sound welds you may want to turn it up