Picture of Bawls Blue Crystal LED Light
I have seen a lot of creative projects which utilize the popular “Bawls” bottles. Other projects had two features which I wanted to improve on;

1: The common use of batteries instead of a more permanent power source

2: The intensely bright spots which LEDs often produce

I based some of my design off of other projects and modified the points I wanted to improve on, this resulted in the Bawls Blue Crystal LED Light seen bellow.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Picture of Parts and Tools
*If you have not worked with LEDs before I would recommend reading the LEDs for beginners guide before proceeding.

For this project you will need the following;

-Soldering iron
-Hot glue gun
-Heat gun (or a lighter)
-Glass drill bit ( Black and Decker Model # 16903 )
-Wire cutters
-Wire stripper

-Some scrap wire
-A resistor (Proper resistance to match your LEDs)
-Heat shrink
-Eight LEDs
-Power supply
-Bawls bottle
-Empty glass bottles (3 or 4 empty Snapple bottles should do)

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e13378 years ago
Thats cool, I tried it and thought that i wanted something brighter so i did 16 leds and it worked! But it is really hard to look at.
Sushin e13373 years ago
picture of fake. lol
randomhat8 years ago
Your using an actual plug in power supply, with a dangling cord of thinnly insulated wires...and shoving sharp glass shards inside a confined space?? Id be terrfieid of a power short and exposed wires! Wouldn't it have been better to use fish tank plastic fill stone? You can get them a bag a dollar in a dollar store that should be enough to fill the bottle & fit down through the neck.
pmilg (author)  randomhat8 years ago
I worked very hard to add extra shielding and protect all of my wiring. If i make more i will be sure to try your suggestion of the plastic fill stones.
ZeroXL91 pmilg4 years ago
I'm still wondering exactly how safe swinging glass is. Here's a better idea, put your glass in a pillowcase or towel, and get a sledgehammer, then proceed with smashing the glass(Not swinging the hammer on it, just picking it up and slamming it on the glass, like a stabbing motion.). Just a suggestion!
Sushin4 years ago
I followed the Kipkay's video about this, but i used clear glass

i made a green and a blue one.

nanor113957 years ago
so what is bawls im 12 so i dont know
pmilg (author)  nanor113957 years ago
Bawls is basically a supper caffeinated. soda.
oh cool
it is the best energy drink ever! i don't drink anything else...
its good, its like drinking caffinated sprite.
joetcochran6 years ago
Is there an easy way of determining what resistor you need? I have a 9V/400ma power supply and I'd like to do something similar to this. Thanks
pmilg (author)  joetcochran6 years ago
In order to determine the proper resistor value you need to look at the circuit as a whole. You need to make sure that the LED’s are not overloaded with too much current ( AKA "i"). You can find the LED’s current rating on the packaging. Once you know this you can use the formula v=ir to find the necessary resistance to use in the circuit. Plug in the voltage of your power supply and the rating of your LED’s and solve for the value of resistance.
So, for example if we had a 9 volt power supply and LED’s which can run at 700mA we would solve for resistance as follows.

v = ir

plug in our values

9volts = (700*10-3) amps * (r) ohms

Solve for r

r = 9/(700*10-3)

r = 1.29*103 ohms = 1290 ohms = 1.29 kOhms

any value within 5% of your calculated value will work. Most resistors can vary from 5 to 10 %.

Note that in this example we are assuming that the wire used and the LED’s used have no resistance. This will very closely emulate the conditions of the small circuit you will be building.

If you have more questions let me know.
-Michael I

pbawesome pmilg6 years ago
no no no how to calulate required resistance,

Input voltage - Desired Output Voltage / Current being pulled in amps = Ohms

so 7.5vin 3.2 desire 20mA power consumption

you would use 215 ohm resistor
pmilg (author)  pbawesome6 years ago
Very good point. I can not believe I made such a stupid mistake. Thank you for posting a correction.
knutsak86 years ago
hey... would any of you guys sell one of those?
pmilg (author)  knutsak86 years ago
Sorry, no plans to sell any at this point. The project takes too long to make it worth my time to make and sell them. They would have to be quite pricey. -Michael I
where'dyou get the random 9v/300ma power cord O.o ripped it out of an appliance or somethin?
pmilg (author)  bansheekilla646 years ago
Exactly. -Michael I
ifound some resistors laying around in my drawer today, and as i was reading the colors, they came out as 470Kohm, 220Kohm, and 10Kohm resistors. thats over 100,000 ohm resistors!! help!
i have a 125v power cord and 7 very very small LED lights. about, 10v or 8v. help =(
pmilg (author)  bansheekilla646 years ago
If all you can find are odd resistors then you can combine then in series or parallel to make a new equivalent resistance.

Use the rules;

when in series Requiv. = R1 + R2 +R3...

when in parallel 1/Requiv. - (1/R1) + (1/R2) + (1/R3).....

Hope this helps,

-Michael I
Kaldea6 years ago
Going to make a Nuka-Cola Quantum with this idea Since it really reminds me of it's nice blue radiation glow C:
pmilg (author)  Kaldea6 years ago
Nice, post some pictures when you are done. -Michael I
Notbob7 years ago
I second that motion. Way too cool!... ...if only I could solder...
Really Easy. helping hands helps alot, dont "Pre Solder" the iron and use just a little bit, enough to cover the spot. and dont hold the iron on to long or it will burn out the component.
Thanks, i already know how to solder, i just dont have the equipment to do so, luckily for me they're cheaper here in the UK than in Canada where i used to live.
i made mine without soldering -- lots of electrical tape and twisting :)
pmilg (author)  michaeldnash7 years ago
lol, I remember those days, before I could solder. Good luck and I hope your project comes out great.
yup for my next projects i'll take the time to actually solder properly. I just ordered 100 transistors, 100 photocells (3-~30k), 100 ultrabright blue LED's, 100 100k ohm resistors, and 100 470 ohm resistors and i'm in the process of finding a roughly 1ftx1ft square (maybe larger) and am going to cover this board with the array of paired photocell/LED's so that when a shadow passes over the light takes the form of the shadow -- a precursur to a one day even LARGER project of a coffee table. Yes, similar to the evil mad scientist thing but i don't like theirs too much -- too wavy, kind of distorts things. This project will be my spring break :) and yes, i will solder this one.
crapflinger8 years ago
in step 5...is that a picture of the bottle half full? or half empty? great addition to an existing instructable
pmilg (author)  crapflinger8 years ago
Well that all depends whether you took your Prozac today.
If you took the Prozac, you'd likely use the glass shards to slash your wrists. I'm not trying to be a spoilsport or anything. I like jokes about about all sorts of things, many of which would be considered off colour, by most of society. Antidepressants are not joke-worthy. Far too many lives have been ruined by the money-grubbing foists at the pharmaceutical companies, that prey on people's insecurities. By the way, nice Instructable. I'm thinking about using blue glass marbles, extracted from spray paint cans, in a clear bottle. Extra by the way, what's Bawls taste like? I'm thinking... kinda salty...
great one, lmfao
I gots another. (kinda obscure though) You know the urban legend about how Evian water is naive spelled backwards, as an in-joke about people spending so much for a bottle of water? (Not so commonly heard anymore, 'cause it seems like everybody will shell out loads o' cash for pissy bottled water) Anyhow, I was thinking that maybe the Bawls bottle is blue, so as to make a little joke about the condition of the actual balls of the typical Bawls consumer, namely guys who sit around playing computer games all night, while drinking over-caffeinated soda.
Thanks. I think I'm finished now.
lol, ok
Oh wait. There is another... 'tain't mine though, so I can't take credit. It's based on something Bender said in a Futurama episode. Here it is: I understand there's a lot of caffeine in Bawls. So does drinking a lot of Bawls make you testy?
lol, i havent heard that one, i usually watch futurama
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