I thought this would be a great idea for Halloween (I love Halloween!) so in my usual over the top fashion I went, well -- over the top. A buddy of mine wanted to do it as well. We tried to get his roommate into it too so we could have a third Ghostbuster but he didn't think we'd be able to do it......... :D

I made two complete packs, suits, belts and goggles in just over two weeks working mostly nights and weekends. I also made a ghost trap and pedal- it clips onto the belt just like in the movie. The guns come off the packs and the packs light up, as does the trap. I made two lighting circuits for each pack using a simple homemade 555 timer circuit, a few LEDs and 9v batteries. The trap weighs around six or seven pounds and the packs weigh about twenty- five pounds.

The packs and trap are pretty movie accurate- they were made from plans that were drawn up from one of the original movie "hero" packs on display at Planet Hollywood. The A.L.I.C.E. pack frames are the same as the movie and were purchased from an Army surplus store. Most of the small parts on the pack are movie accurate and were located at a local electronics surplus store. Even our coveralls were from the original movie supplier. The "no ghost" patches were bought online.

I made the goggles from hardboard, Bondo and thin plywood. I turned the aluminum and glass lenses on a lathe. All the labels on the packs and goggles are accurate and were printed on my computer.

Like I said- over the top. But come Halloween it is oh sooo worth it. People go absolutely flippin' nuts when they see the whole getup. They absolutely cannot believe they were homemade.

This is a BIG project so I'll basically outline what I did to make it go a lot faster. Follow on...
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sabrinab12 months ago

Do you build working Ghostbuster Replica Traps. My 8 year old son is wanting one for Christmas and I cant find one. If you know where I could get one please let me know. Thanks, Sabrina

email is

Honus (author)  sabrinab12 months ago
Sorry but I don't build traps or sell them. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for one for sale and I'll be sure to let you know if I come across one!

Hello! im working on a proton pack myself and i just have a question.

Where did you get the hose from as well as the elbow pads?

Honus (author)  chaise.villers5 months ago
I got the hose from a local electronics surplus shop. I honestly don't remember where I got the pads- it was so long ago. I think I got them at a sporting goods store.
jpolfer1 year ago
I'm curious how you did the Cyclotron lights. My buddy built a proton pack for Halloween 2 years ago, and I helped him do his Cyclotron chaser lights.

We used the biggest red LEDs we could find at Radioshack, and backed them with tinfoil. Then I wrote some simple BASIC Stamp code to flash the LEDs, put the BASIC stamp on a small PCB with drive wires on it. and then put a power switch on the outside rim of the pack. We powered it with a 9V.

Instead of soldering, we used electrical tape to secure all leads.
Honus (author)  jpolfer1 year ago
I used a simple 555 timer circuit like this one for the cyclotron and power cell lights-

Some day I'd like to revisit this costume and make it really nice with a really detailed instructable- it's still probably my favorite costume.
jpolfer Honus1 year ago
I see... I would highly recommend *not* calling that 'a simple 555 timer circuit'. Because its really a 'simple 555 timer circuit feeding a CMOS counter IC' That's pretty different.

When my buddy was building his GB backpack, he kept telling me all you needed was a 555, and I for the life of me couldn't figure out how you would build a light chaser with just a 555. Apparently that was Ghostbuster-pack-builder-shorthand for that circuit.
Aust19832 years ago
My bro's son will have a themed birthday party and I think I have found my costume :)
Thanks Honus, this looks impressive and brings back good memories of my childhood. Thanks for sharing, I have faved this and shared on my fb page. Cheers.
Honus (author)  Aust19832 years ago
Thanks- glad you like it! I still think being a Ghostbuster is one of the best costumes ever. :)
Have you had anyone ask you about modifications for a child, say 4 years old.
Honus (author)  BigChasMiller2 years ago
I've seen a few kids Ghostbuster costumes where people just scaled down the pack plans and went from there. The suit may be hard to find in kids sizes though.
fsalazar32 years ago
i've wanted to do my own suit and props for years now,i'm not that electrical savvy so i'll probably do cardboard versions of the pack and props, but maybe i'll take a crack at doing a more sturdy pack. you've inspired me to get back to my dream of being a ghostbuster for halloween or maybe home movies :)
Naters2 years ago
Awesome costume! congratulations it looks amazing
Honus (author)  Naters2 years ago
Nice. There are so many proton packs on the web, but I guess it's just a really popular prop. I've been drawing up plans for the Ghost Dematerializer mk I from the 1975 TV show "The Ghost Busters" with Larry Storch and Forrest Tucker. It's best known for the 1986 animated sequel--both were made by Filmation.

I have...quite a few measurements, actually, and have done a fair amount of research. I'll share 'em with you soon, Honus.
Honus (author)  Sharaz Destler3 years ago
Proton packs are popular- I've seen everything from cardboard versions to super accurate molded fiberglass packs. I've never seen one from the 1975 show- that would be neat to see. I think I've only seen one or two of the Ghostbusters Extreme packs.
nice video how do you make the led light spin like that ?
Honus (author)  greatscottbttfride4 years ago
Just use a chaser LED circuit. Most of them are simple 555 timer based circuits. There's sample circuits all over the web.
hey are you on ?
Honus (author)  greatscottbttfride4 years ago
Yep- I just haven't been there in a very long time.
cool stuff their
milemt4 years ago
The suit is a desert version of the flight suit usually can be found for less than 20 bucks at an army surplus.
what buisness?
dramaplay4 years ago
Great Suit! I have to make 30 of them for a special needs program for next summer..... Can you tell me how tall the name patch is? Thanks.
Honus (author)  dramaplay4 years ago
The name patch should measure about 5" long x 1.75" tall.
dramaplay Honus4 years ago
Thanks. -dramaplay
Cerberus8944 years ago
Hey, thanks for the info. Now I have another question. How did you attach the hose barb to the suit?
Cerberus8944 years ago
Hey man, nice work on the suit, and the pack. I have many questions for you, but the first is where did you get the velcro for the name patch? I haven't been able to find a suitable replacement for the actual name patch other than buying a bunch of patches with my name on it.
Honus (author)  Cerberus8944 years ago
I bought some wide velcro from a hardware store and put the name on using fabric paint.
Cerberus8944 years ago
Did you make your pack with working lights, and things like that?
Honus (author)  Cerberus8944 years ago
Yep- it does have working light, but no sound effects.
Inara4 years ago
This is so wonderful, I actually teared up a little when I first saw it.
MarcusAvery5 years ago
This is AWESOME! I know it's too late this year, but next year, I am SOOO going as this guy! GREAT INSTRUCT ABLE!
That's funny!! LOL but I have to say it's a pretty cool idea.
kitkat095 years ago
Thought this info would be helpful....we found some great (and affordable) coveralls at

They have a relaxed and regular fit.

so I'm guessing that you would get the beige flight suit form and army surplus store right... or is there a website for it?
My husband made this costume this last year for Halloween. He got his tan coveralls from this store...

He also bought goggles and boots there too to complete his outfit..

The total for his order was under $30! Cheap!

For his "backpack" he painted a box black with a bunch of buttons on it and attached an old shop vac hose...

Ghostbusters 08.jpg
Honus (author)  michael lively5 years ago
I have found them online but that was several years ago- I'm sure they're still available.
so like it is something that you have to stumble upon.
Do a search for "surplus Flight suit" you'll find them quick. Nomex is the most acurate and also the most expensive.
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