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You're so cool

How do you have so many followers????

7+ Million views...

bubububik3 months ago

Hi, I just found this page recently. Wanted to know something about making rings ( geting married soon). I found your instructable on Platinum ring. Wow, I love you sharing with us your work. I just want to say, Thank you


Wanted to say thank you and say I love your work.


Honus (author)  The Juliart1 year ago

Thanks so much!!

mpmuebles2 years ago

You do really pretty things. thank you for sharing them.

Honus (author)  mpmuebles2 years ago


FredS22 years ago

I love your DIY CNC page. Very nice. Just what I was looking for.

Honus (author)  FredS22 years ago

I was just reading your instructable about how to make a Green Lantern ring. Is it possible to make the lantern symbol on the ring white, while leaving the rest of the ring green ?

hola quisiera ayuda con mi proyecto de un musculo de aire nesceito los materiales para un exoesqueleto gracias de antemano

Thanks for following!!
Thanks! Love your stuff too!
jonnylee3 years ago
Hello, I can ask you a few questions? On the bike. Reply Please kissvsyouzj@live.cn Thank you for your