Step 4: The proton wand

Picture of The proton wand
This is made mostly from 1/8" thick board. The grips were carved from blue foam and the handles are PVC pipe. The clip that is mounted on the underside of the proton wand body hooks onto the proton pack so it can be removed- just like in the movie. I made the side plate removeable and stuck a lamp in there- it's turned on by one of the toggle switches on the wand body.

I also added lights to the powercell and cyclotron in the proton pack. They are each based on a simple chaser circuit and use LED's and are powered by a 9v battery. They are actually quite bright in person.
nice video how do you make the led light spin like that ?
Honus (author)  greatscottbttfride4 years ago
Just use a chaser LED circuit. Most of them are simple 555 timer based circuits. There's sample circuits all over the web.