Beautiful Handmade Corner Lamp





Introduction: Beautiful Handmade Corner Lamp

Many people like to decorate their homes with the handmade items. I’m one of them. I love to make stuff with the useless material at home. The corner lamp I have made is very simple and everyone can make it easily for their bedrooms.

Step 1: Material Required

1 Empty carton
Silk fabric (white)
Silk fabric (of any color)
Silk paints
Chinese salt
Silk ribbons
1 bulb (60 watts)
1 bulb holder
Piece of wire

Step 2:

Take an empty carton and make windows (holes) on each side of it with the help of the cutter. In my case the carton was in rectangular shape, so I cut the middle extra part and rejoin it to make it square.

Step 3:

Now in the next step you need a rectangular piece of Silk fabric. Fix the fabric in between the hollow table with the help of tape. 

Step 4: Color the Fabric

Put some water on the fabric with brush. Now start coloring on the fabric. Color randomly and make different shades. Also spread the Chinese salt rapidly on it before the color dries.

Step 5: Scrubbing the Salt

After the color dries completely remove the Chinese salt by scrubbing the hand on it. It leaves different beautiful tiny shades on the fabric.

Step 6: Fixing the Fabric on Carton

Start pasting the fabric on the carton as shown in the pictures. Fix the fabric tightly and glue it. Bend the extra fabric inside the carton from the upper side and also turn in the extra fabric from the bottom side and paste. Take a piece of paper and stick it on the bottom side to give a fine look. Make a small hole at the back side of lamp to pass the wire.

Step 7:

Make a cross of two hard sheet stripes and fix them in between the hollow place to support the structure. 

Step 8:

Take an old pen and cut it from the center. Attach it in the middle of the cross stripes.  

Step 9:

Cut a circle of another Silk fabric (purple fabric) and stick the ball lace all around it. Fix the circle fabric at the top of the carton on the tip of the pen already placed there. Tie it with the help of thread. 

Step 10: Flower Making

Now you need a piece of silk ribbon. Fold the ribbon crisscrosses (as shown in the picture) and pull it quickly. It turns into a flower. Make three flowers in the same way.

Step 11:

Slash few pieces of colored ribbon and stick one by one on the top of the lamp, as shown. Adjust the ribbon flowers there and glue them.

Step 12: Installing the Bulb

Make a hollow square with the hard sheet and fix the bulb holder in it. Attach the wire with the holder and put the bulb in it. Now fix it inside the lamp. Its done.

Step 13: Final Product

Here your final product, a lamp made with hands and love. 



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Its beautiful

this is so awesome I'm going to make heaps and attach them to my roof like hanging lanterns. Thanks for the idea it looks so awesome

Hey Tontoz !!

Yeah, you can do this. I believe that will look awesome aswell.

Thanks for your appreciation :)

i'll post a photo when i make it :)

Sure, do post the pictures. Love to see them :)

Cheers !!

Thank you :)

amazing and beautiful. well done.