The ipod/iphone is great by itself, but I wanted to be able to look at it while using my hands.  The stand is made using a bent wood laminating technique I developed 15 years ago, when gorilla glue first came out.. 
This instructable is mostly about the wood gluing and clamping process. One you try it you will be able to use the method to make may beautiful projects.

I plan on making specific instructables of more projects I have done like lamps, fishing nets, tables, music stands etc.  Don't be limited by straight wood- think out of the box into bent and twisted laminations.

Step 1: New Way to Clamp Bent Wood Laminations

Thin wet wood bends much better than dry wood. Thin wet wood can be easily bent into extreme shapes like springs and iphone stands. To keep the shape and make the piece as strong as necessary we laminate 2 or more pieces together. The problem is clamping. In the past it has been very difficult to clamp the a few thin strips together perfectly in the right shape. The woodbending book says to make two sided forms - difficult. Making 3d two sided clamping forms is impossible. A new glue-gorilla, stretch wrap, and an easy way to cut thin wood strips make my method possible.

We clamp the thin wood pieces flat with stretch wrap, then bend. Because urethane glue is slippery when wet, the thin pieces will slide over each other as they are bent. They stay stacked, and by using urethane Gorilla glue (sets up because of the water in the wood), you have about ten minutes to bend into the shape you want . Simple forms can be used to keep the wood bent properly. My largest project was a pair of wedding arches over 20 feet long- 2" x 3/4". I was able to make this by myself in two days. The smallest was a wood ring.

Strips as thin as 1/32" can be used, up to 1/4" thickness. Any wood can be used. Ash may be the best because it is both strong and bendable. Pine also works well, but only when wet. Most woods will bend when cut thin. You just cannot have any knots. If you don't have a tablesaw to cut the strips, you can buy 3/16" lath strips at home depot. You will probably have to sand these before gluing. If you want thinner pieces they are available from veneer suppliers or you can make your own if you have a band saw, or table saw with a fence feeder.

Here is how it is done. The video is worth more than all these words


<p>great job! </p>
<p>thanks - now I know how I'm going to use all the old veneer I've had kicking around</p>
Boycott Apple for patent trollery!
One can use bamboo, available at nurseries, very strong, very shapable :)
coooool love it
Thanks,<br><br>This way of bending wood makes it possible to make shapes you will never be able to get with steamed wood. The wood springs are a good example.<br><br>Getting the wood strips seems to be the difficult part for most people. Especially those without a table saw. The actual glue up and stretch wrap clamping are something anyone with rubber gloves can easily do.<br><br>Do you think anyone would buy the strips if they were available on the web?<br><br>Jerry
I wish I had your skills. Great tutorial/work
Ooh, really lovely!

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