Hi there, I am Sahas chitlange, aging 14, from India. here is my homemade cheap and easy to build mini Biogas plant. It burns for approx. 20-30 mins on a bunsen burner. you can add anything from your kitchen waste ( Exept Onion peels and eggshells). In 12 hours the Gas is ready for use. It is very easy and cost effective to build (only 2-3 dollars) and gives many useful products.

the end products of this system are:
1) Methane : (Can be used as a fuel)
2) Slurry     : (the spent slurry is exellent manure)

The main components oof this system are:

1)  Inlet pipe
2) digester tank
3) gas holder tank
4) slurry outlet pipe
5) gas outlet pipe

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Step 1: Chose the correct container

You will have to chose a correct size container which will act as a digester tank. My one is liters tank. I got it from scrap.
<p>This is really helpful for people just getting started. Congrats Sahas. I remember when I first saw this Instructable, keep up the good work!</p><p><br>To anyone who wants a complete guide, I highly recommend checking out:<br><a href="http://tiny.cc/LibertyBiogas" rel="nofollow">Liberty Generator by Abel Thomas</a><br><br>It's a very sustainable and allows you to save maximum $$$. More people need to realize that you don't need to spend ridiculous money on solar panels, there are much cheaper methods.</p>
<p>nice you done , encorage your friends to do like you and save environment </p>
Good day! This is amazing! Can you please email your procedure to Kaneisha.rutherford@gmail.com
Please send me the procedure at topslee342@Gmail. Com
<p> i found the cost to be a little off i admire your ingenuity in tool improvisations (hot rod in place of a hole saw) and just building the system in general i am impressesd bravo </p>
<p>excellent work sir can you please mail this procedure to my gamil vragavender@gmail.com</p>
<p>Sir please send me detail how to make Bio Gas plant at below email- pradeepend@yahoo.co.in ; ph 9944445009</p>
<p>2 or 3 dollars to make? The cost of a used barrel with a perfect seal? Here about a $100. Then the pipe and fittings, another $50 or $80. Also different glues work with different plastics, you need to source the right kind especially if you are trying to glue dissimilar plastics. I am looking for practical ideas for a developing country, and a barrel like the one used here is almost impossible to find even if someone can afford it</p>
<p>the last picture confuses me, why the paint bucket is &quot;floating&quot;. i belive that it must be well atachet and sealed inside the tank. i mean, i believe the tank must be completly sealed, except by inlet pipe, outlet pipe and the vale. if the gas holder thank is floating over the slurry, how much gas it can contain and how much gas scape from digester tank?</p><p>Last question, why do you put that bricks over the gas holder tank?</p><p>sincerely i hope you can answer. i am very interested in this proyect, but need more information and alternatives to use the cow dung. i live in the middle of the city and can't get it.</p><p>thanks for your attention</p>
<p>nice work . please can you send me the instraction by emai to Abdelali.bousta1995@gmail.com .</p>
<p>I built my own bioplant and now create my own electricity using <strong><a href="http://www.BiogasPlant.info" rel="nofollow">www.BiogasPlant.info </a></strong> -- I literally slashed my energy bill by 80% by making biogas! I didn't have to invest in any expensive solar panels or generators (so expensive!) - all I did was follow the steps listed on that website to build my own biogas plant. If I can do it, anybody can...seriously! It's a great tool that will explain everything step-by-step for you. Everybody has enough energy to power their home using nothing but items you already have. I've never seen anything like this before! I was so furious that I spent so many years giving the big electric companies my money. Going off the grid was the best idea I've ever had! It's impossible to overstate how invaluable the money I've saved has been for my family and I. It's very easy to make your own power!</p>
<p>Don't click on this link. It is one of the most boring commercial adverts that I have ever listened to, it just goes on and on. It wants to sell you a bio plant. It doesn't want to show you how to make one. Just an advert like most of the other pop ups that appear on your screen. None are helpful and none offer anything free. Yes this is a positive comment. It's aim is to positively help others from wasting their time on this link.</p>
<p>well done</p>
<p>Does this need emptying from time to time? </p>
<p>How far above does the waste pipe have to be from the contents inside? If I just use the containers lid does this pipe need to be closed to avoid gas escaping through it? </p>
<p>Dear Sir,</p><p>I have no basic idea about dairy farm, But I am planning to open<br>a cattle farm with 10 cows. Kindly<br>let me know, What are other way to earn the money such as generating power<br>and bio gas for supplying to neighbor.</p><p>Muthukrishnan.</p><p>Kr.muthu2@gmail.com</p>
<p>hie bro, my name is Tarirai from Zimbabwe i like the innovation my brother . can you help how can i use your idea suppose i want to use the home sower as a the digester. and how can i connect gas holder to the sower in the event that i need to use for domestic purposes . You may email me at tmwoyowatidhi@gmail.com thank you very much domes domesti</p>
<p>hello my name is Bosco from Uganda, what i didn't understand is the gas holding container is place with open top? or with a cover?</p>
<p>What are good &amp; effective alternative house waste if I have no access to cow dung (and it smells, doesn't it?) since we live in city. I like you simple system. Keep up the good work as this will greatly change the way we generate green energy cheaply everywhere with little investment. </p>
hello dear. i am Garba Matthew Torkuma from Nigeria. i will like to teach village women around me this technology so as to help reduce deforestation since it is really rampart here. can you please send me a more detailed instruction manual on how to make this home made Biodigester please note possible ways to make it more effective and long lasting. thank you.<br>my email addressess are :1. garbamatthew@garbamatthew.com (2) sonofdesun01@yahoo.com.<br>i really appreciate what you are doing.. thank you and remain blessed.
<p>My brother have you started yours? its a great innovation here.</p>
I am working on that... I will be back:).
<p>very Interesting . </p><p>gathering my materials to construct mine in Nigeria </p>
Sir Please talk about the temperature and pH value recorded. Also i need more details on the gas holder design cause I'm a bit confused. My email yusufalhassan@ymail.com . Thank you sir
<p>Hey <a href="http://www.instructables.com/member/Chitlange+Sahas/" rel="nofollow">Chitlange Sahas</a></p><p>Dear can you tell me one thing. I am interested in making such container for CO2 only. I know I can make C02 by doing Yeast water Sugar reaction. And then I can collect it. Tell me this, I will add water in the reaction container. and then title upside down another container. But does the Reaction container must contain enough water that if collection container goes all the way up and gas still produces what then?? </p><p>Also tell me the Floating container will move left right as well, so how can we fix its position. </p>
<p>I had played around with pulleys with ropes and weights to balance the floating gas container. Some kind of track for it to rise on would be ideal, then you could add weight to pressurize the gas without it flopping around.</p><p>If you're going to make CO2, you might as well make something delicious like beer or wine and use one of these with water to just capture the gas (note the hoses in the picture)... it doesn't have to be the digester or fermenter itself.</p><p>If it goes all the way up, gas escapes. If you're pressurizing it with weights, you may need to remove some water or digestate to prevent it from spilling over the edges.</p><p>Cheers and happy digesting!</p>
<p>It looks excellent, but step 8 is missing. I hope this works for a friend in Uganda.</p>

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