Hi there, I am Sahas chitlange, aging 14, from India. here is my homemade cheap and easy to build mini Biogas plant. It burns for approx. 20-30 mins on a bunsen burner. you can add anything from your kitchen waste ( Exept Onion peels and eggshells). In 12 hours the Gas is ready for use. It is very easy and cost effective to build (only 2-3 dollars) and gives many useful products.

the end products of this system are:
1) Methane : (Can be used as a fuel)
2) Slurry     : (the spent slurry is exellent manure)

The main components oof this system are:

1)  Inlet pipe
2) digester tank
3) gas holder tank
4) slurry outlet pipe
5) gas outlet pipe

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Step 1: Chose the correct container

You will have to chose a correct size container which will act as a digester tank. My one is liters tank. I got it from scrap.
<p>please send me details of construction. olaolu2015@yahoo.com</p>
<p>this is very nice thanks buddy.</p>
<p>Its very nice I am interested in making such please elaborate</p>
<p>plz send me the details construction </p>
<p>hello Sir, I found your project interesting and it was the same as what we were trying to build in our protoype, can I have a copy of pdf file of your proto? Please send it too my email kevinroitiongco@yahoo.com Thank you very much!</p>
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<p>This looks so cool!</p><p>I want to make this but what ingredi&euml;nts (of kitchen waste) are best to put in to produce the best gas? </p>
<p>Ok I haven't built one, but here is what I have managed to find out. Perhaps it will help someone.</p><p>Use a plastic vessel as it is a very corrosive environment and the steel rusts fast. Concrete will also work OK</p><p>When you use plastic. Paint it when it is outside - black is the best color. This is for several reasons. 1 Sunlight destroys plastic 2. Light will cause algae to grow - algae makes useless gas not flamable gas . 3 The bacteria works faster when it is warm.</p><p>Do not draw the water off from the top of the digester as shown here. Draw it off from the center. Digestible oils float to the top and so does anything else that is attached to a gas bubble that it made all by itself - you certainly don't want to throw that away!</p><p>So in the picture imagine if that overflow pipe came from the centre, then bent upwards until the top of the tank and then. went sideways again and finaly a bend down to make an easy collection spout.</p><p>You don't want to throw away the sediment at the bottom until it has become a problem because much of that will be active as well, but put a drainage valve there.</p><p>If you have large tanks, be vary careful opening this bottom valve, because there will be some water inside the inverted floating vessel - the vessel can collapse if it hits rock bottom and the gas valve is not open with the pipe removed.</p><p>If you are prepared to put some extra work and expense in make the gas pass through a canister of steel wool - this will get rid of sulphur Then bubble the gas through water to which lime and caustic has been added - this will get rid of CO2 Your gas will be much improved if you do these steps. The stuff that will make the most gas is oil. Starches and sugars will also make a lot of gas. Leaves will make much less gas. It is much better to put everything that goes in the plant through a liquidiser or disposal unit first.</p>
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<p>hi, I wanted to know, with how much water do you have to mix with 5kg of manure?</p>
Great work <br>
<p>greetings sir<br>I am very much interested in building this system for my project. Please share me the data of Making Biogas Plant. My Email ID is langmiatita@gmail.com<br>Thanks very much</p>
sir kindly give pdf format of this whole cocept plz my id is mmpatil171@gmail.com
<p>I have no idea what happened here but can you please tell me if you can use other things such as old food, plants, fruit...</p>
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<p>hiii sir,</p><p>i'm naveen</p><p>could you pls tell me how to get pipe connector and valve........</p>
Hello sir <br>I have made 200 ltr biogas but it not working 18 days ago , help some tips <br>Thks you <br>Manjitgajraj66@gmail.com
<p>Thank you for these instructions, VERY simple and clear and I am sure you will have a bright and very productive future young lady, thank you once again .Carl </p>
<p>This is awesome! <br></p><p>Where do i connect the gas to?<br>can it be connected to LPG stove ?</p>
<p>why not</p>
<p>Yes of course</p>
<p>dear sir,</p><p>i can make this bio gas plant but not working properly .kindly told me required temperature for location of biogas plant and send me more informationi or disign about this project </p><p>thinks</p><p>Regard M Ismail</p><p>moh.1985.ismail@gmail.com</p>
<p>plz guide me further</p>
<p>i can't undestand the outlet and in let</p><p>plz reply</p>
<p>i can't undestand the outlet and in let</p><p>plz reply</p>
<p>Hi sahas .I want more information about your small biogas plant.it is possible to achive biogas from only kitchen waste.and how much gas will produced by how much waste?pls reply at sourabhpatil206@gmail.com</p>
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<p>Good instructable. Good job with the step-by-step instructions and good photos. Nice use of reclaimed/ reused and easliy available materials. Nice work!</p>
<p>How can I clean the gas for safety sake since you didnt mantion anything about that. The gas produce from this will surely produce hydrgen sulfide which is bad and poisionous apart from the Methane gas produce? </p><p>Thanks </p>
<p>I still don't understand why this outlet is for? I see there is also a bucket with waste coming out of the outlet. How does this happen? Can you explain it Sahas? Thanks in advance.</p>
<p>I was in a hurry. I got my doubt cleared while reading rest of the comments and your answers. I think, if at all I have to observe my method, then I have to put another valve to the outlet. What do you say?</p>
<p>Hi! <a href="http://www.instructables.com/member/Chitlange+Sahas/" rel="nofollow">Chitlange Sahas</a>, felt glad on seeing your project. I have a doubt. Doesn't gas leak from the outer edges of the gas holder tank? Do we need a gas holder tank really? Can't we install the valve (plumbing purpose) directly to the lid of the digester tank.</p>
<p>very nice. i'll try this</p>
<p>This is a good explanation of a working biogas generator.</p><p>I can <br> suggest you put a plastic ring, or several plastic knobs around the <br>middle of your collector pail, it will help guide it up straight.</p><p>Thank you for posting.</p>
<p>sir ,you told that after putting cow dung in tank first time wont get gas , daily can put cow dung to get gas ? or how long days wait for to get the gas. how can i take the gas from tank</p>
it takes about 15 days for first time to earn out gas from the system.. never do the mistake of adding dung daily !! it will damage sysytem forever.. you will have to repeat everything from start!!. you wait for few days and yes do test the acidity level..
<p>sir kindly give pdf format of this whole cocept my id is sknicky28@gmail.com</p>
<p>sir ,you told that after putting cow dung in tank first time wont get gas , daily can put cow dung to get gas ? or how long days wait for to get the gas. how can i take the gas from tank</p>
<p>Hello, i am interested to make the project, can you send me info on my mail...</p><p>khanciit821@yahoo.com</p>
<p>hi suhas.. I'm really interested to make this project.. plz mail me the details on my mail id --&gt; sameer.samy6263@gmail.com</p>

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