Biogas at home- Cheap and Easy

Picture of Biogas at home- Cheap and Easy
Hi there, I am Sahas chitlange, aging 14, from India. here is my homemade cheap and easy to build mini Biogas plant. It burns for approx. 20-30 mins on a bunsen burner. you can add anything from your kitchen waste ( Exept Onion peels and eggshells). In 12 hours the Gas is ready for use. It is very easy and cost effective to build (only 2-3 dollars) and gives many useful products.

the end products of this system are:
1) Methane : (Can be used as a fuel)
2) Slurry     : (the spent slurry is exellent manure)

The main components oof this system are:

1)  Inlet pipe
2) digester tank
3) gas holder tank
4) slurry outlet pipe
5) gas outlet pipe

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Step 3: Fix the inlet and outlet pipes

Glue the Inlet pipe and the Outlet pipe with any water proof adhesive. 

Step 5: Time to mix the cow dung !

mix the cow dung (5kg for 50 liters) and add water to  make a fine slurry. Now put the slurry in the digester tank.

Step 6: Almost finished!

Picture of Almost finished!
Put the gas holder tank overturned in the digester tank after adding the slurry . REMEMBER: open the valve while putting the gas holder tank. the mini plant takes 10-15 days for the first time to get output. For the first time, the gas in the tank wont burn as it contains Carbon Dioxide gas, if fortunately it burns then good or wait for the second time. You can detect how much gas is there in this system, the gas holder tank will rises up as the gas is produced.  
vishesh929 days ago

i am intrested this project please send complete details

gokoye18 days ago
good work sahas.please how did you connect the gas holder and the digester...please i need a detailed explanation.thanks
Chitlange Sahas (author)  gokoye18 days ago
the collector tank is floating inside the digester tank
olmighty27 days ago

can you send me the full details of this project..
which capacity of plant should be suitable for 4-5 persons

Chitlange Sahas (author)  olmighty20 days ago

You will have to make a 1750 liters system where the digester tank ois 1000 liters and collector is 750 liters . rest is similar

venkatasiva20 days ago


i am intrested wtiht this project, can you please send the more details to this mail id

serangin23 days ago


may i know the volume of your digester and container for gas storage.

thank you.

Chitlange Sahas (author)  serangin22 days ago

The digester tank is 50liters and the collector tank is 20 liters

tol19651 month ago

Very useful information!could you please send the detailed procedure? Here is my email

Chitlange Sahas (author)  tol196526 days ago

The instructable is the detailed procedure

akinz1 month ago

please like how many minute will the gas burn when cooking with it...

akinz akinz1 month ago

also please send me how i can do it in a big

kamashazi1 month ago

Sahas how're you? am cold chantal, i woul like to know how this biogas will work after doing these all steps?

Chitlange Sahas (author)  kamashazi1 month ago

i will show the photos

kamashazi1 month ago

Well done Sahas!

data base1 month ago

i got out put after 15 days but,is there any chemical to decrease processing duration(processing time) so that i can get out put fast?

2:which type of tool/equipment should i use to filter/purify gas?


Chitlange Sahas (author)  data base1 month ago
1) Actually there is no chemical ( to my knowledge) to increase the processing time
but as you are telling that 15 days have passed , i doubt that your
mixture has been turned acidic. You can check it by dipping blue litmus
into it . if its acidic you will have to add a basic liquid to nutrilise
the mixture ( You may add Calcium carbonate)

2) There is no need to purify the gas , directly connect it to a burner.
Halowonle2 months ago

evening sir i am moved by your innovation can you please send it to my mail

devangs32 months ago

How will you remove the waste slurry? there is no arrangement for that

Chitlange Sahas (author)  devangs32 months ago

there is a outlet given !

mrsanders3 months ago
Great job!
mchapman4153 months ago
can this work with dog feces? would love to make a biogas light for a local dog park.
Chitlange Sahas (author)  mchapman4153 months ago
Yes will definately
grt574 months ago
Chitlange Sahas, you are an amazing young man! Keep up the good work!
aali614 months ago
What is the alternative for a cow-dung, as we live in a city area ?
Chitlange Sahas (author)  aali614 months ago
Cow dung is compulsory at least for the first time later you add vegetables( waste ) ...
SIRJAMES095 months ago
I would have never thought to make something like this!!
TY for sharing! :D
nickk5 months ago
Nice work, have some questions:
1- Isn't there any seal between the paint bucket and the digester tank? doesn't gas escape.
2- How much time do you have to wait for a second 20min gas refill ?
3- How many times does this 1 dung batch refill the paint bucket?
Chitlange Sahas (author)  nickk5 months ago
Thanks for commenting
Answer to your questions:
Q1) There is no real seal. the slurry water actually acts as a seal preventing gas leak.
Q2) We need to wait 12-14 hrs for next refill.
I am also interested in electronics . pls send me your circuit diagrams also.

couldn't you use a bicycle pump on the out let to compress the bio gas into another holding tank to obtain a larger amount?
grapenut crasch485 months ago
The beauty of this ible is it's amazing simplicity; and there also seems to be a relationship between it's simplicity and it's safety. Meaning that the simpler the design the safer. Many people use larger quantities of methane without issue; however, the bigger the process becomes, the more complicated things get in terms of maintaining adequate safety measures. There are many examples of mishaps, resulting from folks trying to harness larger quantities of methane. What I like about this design is it is simple enough to get things started, and doesn't appear to be likely to get anyone into too much trouble...
Chitlange Sahas (author)  crasch485 months ago
Will think about it
grapenut nickk5 months ago
imagine you have a bowl half full of water (this is the big blue barrel with slurry)
Now place an upside down cup or jar in the bowl (this is the paint bucket)
the seal is very simply the edges of the upside down glass in the water (water=slurry)
jongscx5 months ago
What can this be used for? I'm not asking what biogas can be used for, but what device can a rig this size produce enough biogas to support.

If it is just to heat, Is it not easier/more efficient to dry the manure and burn it as is?

Also, what is the purpose of the Inlet pipe? Is it to add oxygen to the slurry? or do you add slurry there and excess drains out of the output?
Chitlange Sahas (author)  jongscx5 months ago
The biogas is having more calorific value than the dry dung, and the waste slurry is exellent manure which we cannot get by burning dry dung.

the inlet pipe is to add waste and outlet is to drain the execess.
besides bio gas doesn't stink when you burn it!
Chitlange Sahas (author)  crasch485 months ago
Yes correct
Woodenbikes5 months ago
It seems important to have the gas collector bucket diameter almost as large as the digester diameter to reduce the slurry surface area outgassing to the air. Or is there a seal that is not shown?
Chitlange Sahas (author)  Woodenbikes5 months ago
no there is no seal and yes the more is slurry surface exposed the more gas is wasted.
Wantashi Na5 months ago
Great work , please add a drawing if you can Thanks

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