Picture of Biogas at home- Cheap and Easy
Hi there, I am Sahas chitlange, aging 14, from India. here is my homemade cheap and easy to build mini Biogas plant. It burns for approx. 20-30 mins on a bunsen burner. you can add anything from your kitchen waste ( Exept Onion peels and eggshells). In 12 hours the Gas is ready for use. It is very easy and cost effective to build (only 2-3 dollars) and gives many useful products.

the end products of this system are:
1) Methane : (Can be used as a fuel)
2) Slurry     : (the spent slurry is exellent manure)

The main components oof this system are:

1)  Inlet pipe
2) digester tank
3) gas holder tank
4) slurry outlet pipe
5) gas outlet pipe

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Step 3: Fix the inlet and outlet pipes

Glue the Inlet pipe and the Outlet pipe with any water proof adhesive. 

Step 5: Time to mix the cow dung !

mix the cow dung (5kg for 50 liters) and add water to  make a fine slurry. Now put the slurry in the digester tank.

Step 6: Almost finished!

Picture of Almost finished!
Put the gas holder tank overturned in the digester tank after adding the slurry . REMEMBER: open the valve while putting the gas holder tank. the mini plant takes 10-15 days for the first time to get output. For the first time, the gas in the tank wont burn as it contains Carbon Dioxide gas, if fortunately it burns then good or wait for the second time. You can detect how much gas is there in this system, the gas holder tank will rises up as the gas is produced.  
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I have to plant Bio Gas Plant for domestic use,as such kindly intimate the procedure and expenditure/cost to be incurred for the same

obagango23 days ago

Please good people! help in details. my email is

jeff11 month ago

Hi Sahas my name is Jeffrey,i want to have some of your brilliant idea at home so if you can help me

vickey0012 months ago


sir my self vickey and at now i m doing a small project in biogas plant

so plz help me sir...

give me full detail or information on biogas plant...

my email id is...

vickey0012 months ago


sir my self vickey and at now i m doing a small project in biogas plant

so plz help me sir...

give me full detail or information on biogas plant...

my email id is...

arjunps2 months ago

if you put on the slurry then how will the tank in the top, which is gas holder tank in top will remain at same it will float. how it will be in air tight position, the biogas will be loosened and let in the air...

Give me some suggestions, because i am doing this project for my diploma clge, and also send the details to my id

menkem3 months ago

Hello sir,good day.

i wonder how the dung is purred into the digesting tank

please sir i need more details at

profusman553 months ago

this my email please can you send me more detail

Chitlange Sahas (author) 3 months ago
also prasadkale please give me your email address so that I send you details next time ..

thank u very much sahas. ur replies are very useful for me. my mail id is :-

Chitlange Sahas (author) 3 months ago
prasadkale . the collector tank floating in the water slurry . and did you see the photo in step 3 . the pipes dont come in between the collector tank . The collector tank is freely floating in the slurry. and now see the photo in step 6 . the collector tank is without air . now after the process begins , the bacteria releases methane and the tank gets full of methane. the tank rises . for using the gas place some bricks on the bucket and connect a bunsen burner with help of pipe and use the gas.
Chitlange Sahas (author) 3 months ago
hello prasadkale . thanks for kind comment. The process that helps to produce the gas is Anaerobic digestion . the food feeded undergoes anaerobic digestion by the bacteria inside. when anaerobic digestion process is going on . the bacteria releases methane as byproduct. And as the gas is released the tank rises up. this way the system works. if you are having any problems feel free to ask . BYE.
prasadkale3 months ago

And another thing is that in the step 3 u showing the inlet pipe and outlet pipe. i want to askthat how can we put the gas holder tank on this pipes in digester tank.

prasadkale3 months ago

hello sahas,

i m student of commerce in third year of graduation. ur idea is amazing plz i want to try it at my home. can u help me. i cant understnd:-

1) how can we put the gas holder tank in digester tank , i mean when we put it overturned how can it produce the gas, then what is the distance between gas holder tank and digester tank.

i m very excited about this idea of biogas.

murtuza_ali014 months ago

dear sir,

this is good and safe idea for home use. i want to make it and please send me details how to make this and sir mail me (

sir any company will make this ..if i order it

Chitlange Sahas (author)  murtuza_ali014 months ago

i will soon reply once i finish my exams.

vishesh924 months ago

i am intrested this project please send complete details

gokoye5 months ago
good work sahas.please how did you connect the gas holder and the digester...please i need a detailed explanation.thanks
Chitlange Sahas (author)  gokoye5 months ago
the collector tank is floating inside the digester tank
olmighty5 months ago

can you send me the full details of this project..
which capacity of plant should be suitable for 4-5 persons

Chitlange Sahas (author)  olmighty5 months ago

You will have to make a 1750 liters system where the digester tank ois 1000 liters and collector is 750 liters . rest is similar

venkatasiva5 months ago


i am intrested wtiht this project, can you please send the more details to this mail id

serangin5 months ago


may i know the volume of your digester and container for gas storage.

thank you.

Chitlange Sahas (author)  serangin5 months ago

The digester tank is 50liters and the collector tank is 20 liters

tol19656 months ago

Very useful information!could you please send the detailed procedure? Here is my email

Chitlange Sahas (author)  tol19655 months ago

The instructable is the detailed procedure

akinz5 months ago

please like how many minute will the gas burn when cooking with it...

akinz akinz5 months ago

also please send me how i can do it in a big

kamashazi6 months ago

Sahas how're you? am cold chantal, i woul like to know how this biogas will work after doing these all steps?

Chitlange Sahas (author)  kamashazi6 months ago

i will show the photos

kamashazi6 months ago

Well done Sahas!

data base6 months ago

i got out put after 15 days but,is there any chemical to decrease processing duration(processing time) so that i can get out put fast?

2:which type of tool/equipment should i use to filter/purify gas?


Chitlange Sahas (author)  data base6 months ago
1) Actually there is no chemical ( to my knowledge) to increase the processing time
but as you are telling that 15 days have passed , i doubt that your
mixture has been turned acidic. You can check it by dipping blue litmus
into it . if its acidic you will have to add a basic liquid to nutrilise
the mixture ( You may add Calcium carbonate)

2) There is no need to purify the gas , directly connect it to a burner.
Halowonle6 months ago

evening sir i am moved by your innovation can you please send it to my mail

devangs37 months ago

How will you remove the waste slurry? there is no arrangement for that

Chitlange Sahas (author)  devangs36 months ago

there is a outlet given !

mrsanders8 months ago
Great job!
mchapman4158 months ago
can this work with dog feces? would love to make a biogas light for a local dog park.
Chitlange Sahas (author)  mchapman4158 months ago
Yes will definately
grt578 months ago
Chitlange Sahas, you are an amazing young man! Keep up the good work!
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