Picture of Biohazard beer barrel
A cheap and easy cooler that belches fog into your party.

Any mention of this project must provide a link to www.zieak.com with credit to Ryan McFarland.

Step 1: Collect materials

Picture of Collect materials
For this project you will need:

*55 gallon metal drum (try industrial sites or the local landfill for a free one)
*32 gallon plastic garbage can
*circular saw with metal cutting blade or a hand saw
*hearing and eye protection
*metal file
*biohazard sticker or magnet (cheap ones at labsafety.com) or paint and a steady hand
*fog machine
*duct tape

If you don't want to cut the metal you can easily use a hand saw and cut the handles off of the garbage can. I wanted to keep the handles on my garbage can and have access to more barrels so opted to cut the barrel. Put the garbage can on top of the drum. If you plan on having the drum against a wall or in a corner offset the garbage can so that the gap between their rims will allow the fog out toward your guests. Mark where the cuts will have to be made with a marker.
Luziviech3 years ago
Ever thought bout adding sum fluorescein to the ice? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluorescein
implaxis8 years ago
Perhaps use dry ice if you don't have a fog machine?

I'd also recommend not to use a real biohazard container! ;-)
You could but theres probably a chance that the temperature would crack the bottles.
if the dry ice is in water, and separated from physical contact with the bottles, the bottles would be safe, but it would still be a trade off. - dry ice will eventually ice over without water circulation and become ineffective - dry ice fog production relates directly to water temperature, so one would have to test whether a desirable fog production to water temperature level can be established and maintained + dry ice fog is completely hypoallergenic, which, i can assure you, is not truly the case for any sources of fog other than LN2 or dry ice. that's why professional theater uses dry ice or LN2 about 98% of the time, and, due to the risks of LN2, thats probably 90% dry ice. LN2 (liquid nitrogen, FYI) is a second option, but the risks in handling LN2 almost never outweighs the benefits of its use. If it splashes on your clothes, youre fucked.
Whats the prob with LN2 getting on your clothes???? I have been working with it for years and never had a problem, It must be used with respect and sensibility but its not acid :) I have been working with it long enough to know the burn time and even able to put my hand in a vessel full of liquid nitrogen and come off unscathed ( about 1/2 a second) as long as it doesnt get caught in any crevices LN2 runs off you it doesnt "stick"
 Yeah, it has the lowest surface tension I have ever seen.
zieak (author)  aphyllophorales8 years ago
I went with the fog machine because 1. i had one and 2. i can not bet dry ice. (I live on an island.)
Warlrosity5 years ago
Yet another wonderfully disturbing piece.
That's a really sweet looking barrel. I'm thinking about making one for halloween
Dark Solar6 years ago
MMMMMM....Newcastle Brown Ale...Lrrgrglrlglrgglrlrrrglg
parsephoni6 years ago
I am so doing this for my Halloween party this year! I love it!
Esmagamus7 years ago
Find some green glop that glows in the dark or under blacklight!
rheide7 years ago
I know you mentioned getting the magnet at Lab Safety Supply store but I can't find it there. Any possible way to make a direct link? Awesome work by the way.
zieak (author)  rheide7 years ago

I don't see here how you differentiate between the magnet and the sticker.
where do you but the fog machine? just stick it in then put ice on top?
zieak (author)  Yerboogieman8 years ago
The fog machine is between the garbage can and the 55 gallon drum. The ice is in the garbage can.
lemonie8 years ago
You could also paint it "military" and have include an 'in case of emergency' (zombies) phone number...
zv_odd8 years ago
Insted of using a Biohazard sign, just whip up a stencil and spray it on, it looks cooler, plus you can stencil one of those biohazard symbols too. As theRIAA suggested Green LEDs at the bottem shining up through the ice, now that would kick ass.
andresm8 years ago
amazing!! GOOD JOB ZIEAK
Damnit i really want to make that one.
zieak (author) 8 years ago
Great ideas!
meddler8 years ago
yeah, with like a tentacle coming out of the top and drooping over the side.
theRIAA8 years ago
A-wsome. it needs green lights in the bottom of the ice