Build a dining room console table (side or serving table)

Picture of Build a dining room console table (side or serving table)
So, I guess I did too good of a job building my farmhouse table, because my wife decided that we needed a matching console table for the dining room. (You can see the instructable for the matching farmhouse table here: ) I guess this is what happens when you marry an interior designer.

This job was actually easier than the farmhouse table, and quicker as well. You can build this with a circular saw, drill, and pocket hole (Kreg) jig. This being said, if you have a table saw and miter saw, this will be even easier.
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Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
I built my table top and shelves out of aspen. The legs were made from poplar. You could certainly use other types of wood, but these are cheap and look nice. Here is the purchase list I used. Everything came from Lowes, and just about every lumber yard will have similar supplies.

4- 3"x3"x36" poplar boards (for the legs)
1- 3/4"x15"x48" aspen furniture panel (table top)
2- 3/4"x12"x48" aspen furniture panels (shelves)
2- 1"x2"x96" aspen boards (apron)
8- small shelf brackets
stain/paint/finish of your choice

By no means is this what you have to buy. If you prefer oak, maple, or another type of wood, buy that instead. You could also make your own 3"x3" boards for the legs by gluing boards together. If you don't have furniture panels in the type of wood you want, make your own table top and shelves. See my farmhouse table instructable for how to do this.
Very cool.

Don't do such a good job next time and you won't get roped into another project. ;)
nyx7022 years ago
Very nice! Came out really well. I also love your other table.

Typically Poplar tends to not take stain well which will result in blotchy-ness. It's good that you used the pre-stain. To anyone else that may use oak or a more porous wood the pre-stain is not necessary IMO.
I absolutely love the finish on these! Great work. :D