Winter arrived together with the 'wrong kind of snow' :) - check this link for more details. If you have a car, I think it is mandatory to have on your car's trunk a small winter / snow kit including a snow shovel.
That snow shovel must be light, durable, to have a good grip and to be cheap. All these - except the last point - are easy to find in some brand products on the market. But they are not cheap, are opposite. So how to overcome this?
This instructable will show you how to build your own light, durable, with good grip and cheap car snow shovel.

Materials needed for a  light, durable, with good grip and cheap car snow shovel:
-a hand shovel only the metal part - here my choice was an aluminum one, it is lighter and good enough for hard snow / the right type of ice :) (or you can choose the iron type) - just make sure it is flat and wide enough at the front end
-a wooden shovel handle to fit the metal hand shovel
- 2 pcs of a long wood screw (5cm / 2 inches)
- 1 pcs of a short wood screw (1 cm / 1/2 inch)

Tools needed to build a  light, durable, with good grip and cheap car snow shovel:
-screw driver Philips head (cross)
-a panel saw
-sand paper
-electric drill
-drill bits to fit diameter size for the wood screw (3mm / 0,11 inch)

Let's start!

Step 1: Prepare the Wood Broom Handle

I found that buying the wood handle for shovel and the metal hand shovel separately, is cheaper than having a complete hand shovel with wood handle. So at the store I looked for a wood shovel handle and a metal hand shovel, just made sure both are fitting together.

The wood shovel handle has a small curvature, so put the wood shovel handle in the metal hand shovel and try to match the curvature like in the image (curvature is exaggerated). After that, mark the holes and the beveled cutting lines at the end of the wood shovel handle where it is assembled with the aluminuml hand shovel.

Measure 75cm / 2,5ft (or the length fits for your height - make it ergonomic) from the front of the metal shovel and mark a cutting line on the wood handle - see the drawing for details.

Measure 20cm / 8 inches from the previously cutting line and mark there also a cutting line.

Dismantle the wood shovel handle and the aluminum shovel.
I find that a garden hoe with a 3' handle is also handy. You can pull the snow out from under your car if you get high centered. Good instructable,

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