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In 1987 Stan Winston Studios created one of the most iconic creatures to grace the silver screen- the Predator. An actor named Kevin Peter Hall played the Predator -and now twenty six years later his nephew Jamie Hall would pay tribute to Uncle Kevin and once again bring this beloved creature to life.

Originally this was going to be much shorter and titled "Predator backpack and animatronic cannon" as that is what the majority of this instructable is about, but that would be a disservice. This is really a story of how a few members of a Predator fan group, known as The Hunter's Lair, came together to create what we hoped would be the best replica Predator costume ever made- an accurate replica of the costume Kevin Peter Hall wore in the first Predator film. This was an enormous collaborative effort, and while this instructable will focus primarily on the creation of the backpack and cannon it wouldn't be right to not tell the whole story and give credit to all of the extremely talented individuals involved in the creation of this costume of this wonderful film creature.

A seed is planted...

At the Monsterpalooza 2012 convention there was a panel that was devoted to the 25th anniversary of the first Predator film and many of the original artists from Stan Winston Studios that worked on the film were there to talk about the making of the film. Several members of The Hunter's Lair attended as did one very special individual- Jamie Hall.

After speaking with Jamie, two of the Lair members by the names of Gene Emory and Damon Silva had the idea of meeting up at Monsterpalooza the following year and creating a replica suit for Jamie to wear. The goal would be to make a replica of the Predator suit Jamie's uncle wore and have Jamie wear it around the convention hall. Matt Winston of Stan Winston School of Character Arts later had the idea that it would be really cool if several members of the original film crew could again return and then suit up Jamie just as they had with his Uncle Kevin 25 years ago. Jamie was thrilled with the idea and what would be known as the "Jamie Hall Predator Suit Homage Project" was born.

But first we need to back up a few years...

Video of the finished backpack/cannon-

Update- Jamie as the Predator takes on Wolverine in Super Power Beat Down!

Hey bud! Can you make one for me? LoL
Honus (author)  lloyd.marcelo.96 months ago

Sorry I can't- too many other projects to do already! :)

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Amazing work ... Congratz

great instructable...

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this is one of my favorite instructables!
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Congrats on your Grand Prize! Amazing project!
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Thanks so much!! I couldn't believe it when I found out- there were so many awesome entries!
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But apparently, the Predator was the awesomest :-)
Fantastic work and great documentation. Congrats on this year's win!
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Thanks so much!! I was really floored when I found out- there were so many awesome entries!
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Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween costume contest! Can’t wait to see if you win good luck!
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Thanks!! I have my fingers crossed. :)
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awesome! voted
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Thx so awesome this was very important since i was having a Halloween party and I wanted to build a predator costume
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Thanks! Be sure to post pics when you're done!
Yay! Can't believe you were able to get it down to 10 steps. Fantastic work :D
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Just added the Pred vs. Wolverine video. :)
Honus (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
There's a bit of video of the event here (skip to 2:20 to see where it begins with Jamie)
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Thanks! :) Hopefully soon I'll get video of the Monsterpalooza event -it's still being edited. I think the Predator vs. Wolverine video will be released in another week or so.
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That is utterly amazing work. words really are failing me to describe how awesome that suit is.

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Thanks so much! It was a great project to be part of- Jamie really makes it come alive too. :)
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Amazing! Great teamwork! Nice to read how it all comes together.
Honus (author)  ynze2 years ago
Thanks so much! This was a really important build for everyone involved and just to see the look on Jamie's face when it was done made it worth the effort. He's an incredibly nice guy and he really brought the suit to life- just wait until you see the video. :)
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Wow, what an incredible build. Keep up the great work!
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Amazing build! Good work sir!
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Thank you very much! I'll be sure to pass along any comments to the other guys- I'm sure they'll appreciate the kind words. :)
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It is Amazing! Congratulatios
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